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Sunday, July 29, 2012

What I Know About Global Warming aka Climate Change

Beginning with a series of fictitious ecology books in the sixties, the institution of Earth Day in the Seventies, the rise of Al Gore in the Eighties, the Rio Earth Summit and subsequent U.N.-sponsored global warming scare campaign in the Nineties, and the relentless media onslaught proclaiming climate change in the new millennium, we have now been herded to the edge of a dangerous precipice, and, with the selection of Barack Obama as president, the powers that be are attempting to shove us over the brink.

Forcing folks to spread their wealth around is socialism, while sharing is akin to charity---not communism.

The earth is not warming, and climate is always changes---and they know it.  But they are assuming there are enough ignorant fools they can horn-swoggle into believing that any climatic alterations, including extreme weather events like hurricanes or floods, are being caused by mankind.  Global warming is the grandest of all tyrannical schemes. 

Rachel Carson’s 1962 best seller, Silent Spring – Targeted DDT or dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane

In 1972, the pressure created by Silent Spring was the impetus for banning DDT domestically and internationally, eventually leading to the deaths of millions from malaria.

Paul Ehrlich’s 1968 Population Bomb – Long opined the earth is being forced to support too many people, who require too many resourses and produce too much pollution.

Ehrlich’s conviction has always boiled down to people being the problem---there are just too damned many of them---and his final solution has always been clear:  “Population control is the only answer.”

Since the DDT ban in 1973, malaria has killed 96 million people. 

Abortion, the termination method of choice for over 1 million pregnancies each year in the U.S. alone, is fully promoted and sanctioned by the government and medical profession alike.  The math adds up to over 250 million people eliminated in less than forty years.

In January 1969, a Union Oil drilling platform six miles off the coast of Santa Barbara, CA, sprang a leak, allowing hundreds of thousands of gallons of crude oil to seep into the Pacific and wash ashore.

The Nation’s first outspoken congressional environmentalist, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson

Emotions still run high in ultraliberal Santa Barbara over the 1969 leak.  Even today, as black, marble-sized balls of coagulated crude are often found interspersed on the beaches of Santa Barbara, deceptive local activists will direct naive eyes towards the oil platforms offshore, fervently declaring that capitalism and big oil are to blame for the tar balls on their sand---but this observation is a total fraud.  There is so much oil just beneath the ocean floor off Santa Barbara, that black gold is constantly seeping into the open waters at a rate of 170 barrels per day.  However, despite the vast supply of crude naturally bubbling up from the deep, all these years later the 1969 accident has fixed it in the minds of many that drilling for oil is dreadful, and we should feel guilty for using the gooey fossil fuel---period.

Fed up, bummed out, searching for answers and seeking a collective together, in August 1969, 200,000 antiestablishment, young hippies trekked to a farm in upstate New York for the three-day Woodstock Music and Art Fair.  The Event, which the hippies referred to as being the climax to the “summer of love”, represented the largest rock concert to date, with most of the musicians utilizing the stage to fuel the fires of rebellious change.  Millions who could not attend purchased the ensuing soundtrack and viewed the concert’s documentary in theatres across the country.  Woodstock represented a new ethos defined by sex, dope, rock and roll, and loathing of mom and dad’s America.

Cleverly realizing the war protests were a moment in time, their focus would soon return to “saving the planet from pollution”---a plot that would provide their lot with a long-term momentum.

Senator Nelson and Dennis Hayes created a national teach-in day on the environment called Earth Day in the spring of 1970 on April 22nd.  Which Coincided with the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lennin.

Lennin’s core philosophy was linked at the hip with these newly fangled environmentalists who maintained that America’s government must be altered, its economy planned and regulated, and its citizens better controlled.  The environment would be the perfect tool to force these changes, and the most efficient way to gain converts would be through the public school system---the earlier the better.

Earth Day has never been a celebration of God’s woderful creation; instead it’s always been an assault on man.  “Man must stop pollution and conserve his resources,” championed the New York Times in an April 23, 1970, Editorial, “not merely to enhance existence but to save the race from intolerable deterioration and possible extinction.”

By the Eighties the event’s organizers cast man as the tree killer, and, with the Nineties, man evolved into the animal species annihilator.  The Global warming scare never really became popular until the late Nineties, and when it did, it provided a hook that the compatriots at the Earth Day headquarters could hang their red berets on. 

In November of 2009, Over a thousand emails leaked from an internal computer system within the Climate Research Unit at the University of the East Anglia in the United Kingdom, reveal how a small group of highly influential British and U.S. scientists have for years been secretly discussing ways in which their research could be maneuvered to make their case for human-caused Climate Change.

The Climate Research Unit (CRU) had been regarded by many as one of the most credible atmospheric institutions in the world, but with the revelation of the email exchanges, their credibility was reduced to junk science.  The emails reveal that the world’s leading climate scientists were working together to block Freedom of Information requests to review their data; marginalize dissenting scientists; manipulate the peer-review process; and obscure, massage, or delete inconvenient temperature readings.  One certainly wonders, why?  Especially since Al Gore has assured the world that “the science is settled.”

The problem with every generation is that a long-term memory of the past requires a determined and studied effort---a fact upon which modern eco-Marxists depend for success.  In this age of information/false information overload, even the recent past quickly becomes fuzzy, almost guaranteeing a headache to anyone who racks his brain digging deeply to mine true facts and details.  And that’s precisely what the current climate-scare tacticians are banking on, especially the elitist politicians and policymakers who continually capitalize on a society’s lack of cognizance---the bigger the public’s memory hole, the better.  They see it as an effective means to grow government and thus, better control the way in which the underclass lives.  In addition to the deceivers in government, unscrupulous scientific researchers are dependent on perpetuating the global warming and climate change myth for continued flows of grant money.  Colleges and universities have established curricula and majors to indoctrinate an entire generation to enlist in the so-called “green workforce.” Without a crisis, many politicians, researchers, educators, and graduates are with a cause.

However, contrary to Marx history does produce great wealth and can win battles---especially in the climate debate---because, climate happens, without the influence of man.

Little Ice Age or LIA

Frozen Pilgrims Cape Cod Massachusetts – late 1700s

The Medieval Warm Period or MWP  900 – 1300 A.D.

During the MWP, the overall average mean global temperature was considerably warmer than present.  There were no SUVs, smokestacks, or airplanes seeping the currently vilified, ever so minor greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  The MWP was a dramatic climatic event that just happened.

Michael Mann’s hockey stick cleverly “used” the highly respected tree ring research as his primary data to account for the medieval years.  For more recent centuries, Mann included other measurements from sea sediment, ice core samples, and oxygen isotopes---all sound, legitimate sources.  However, Mann’s process began waxing weird when he threw into the mix temperatures recorded in major cities that have undergone huge artificially-induced upward swings due to the hear-trapping influences of concrete, asphalt and steel (known as the Urban Heat Island effect).  Stranger still, conveniently excluded was the highly accurate temperature record of the earth produced by flawless satellite instrumentation that demonstrates only a miniscule warming since 1979.  In addition, Mann did not discard wild temperature anomalies like the monster El Nino warming of 1982-1983 and 1997-1998.

In the end, Mann’s results seemed to justify his means.  Through a stupefying, number-crunching mathematical exercise, he meticulously manipulated the data collected through the diligent labor of the dedicated scientists who preceded him.  The result was like an ice pick to the climate’s prefrontal cortex: the past had been forgotten.  Mann’s work was presented to the world in a paper published in Nature and in another published in Geophysical Research Letters.  For the global whiners, the papers were like manna from Heaven.

“Mann’s Hockey Stick” graph became a popular devious device to convince the uninformed observer that the earth was undergoing an unprecedented fever.

Observing Mann’s Stick, one can clearly see a dramatized temperature spike ensuing about 1930 and reaching warp-speed about 1970.  Also, note that the Medieval Warm Period between 900 and 1300 and its counter-part, the Little Ice Age, have been expunged from the record. 

Despite a horrendous bastardization of science, Mann’s Hockey Stick has been accepted by millions.  The United Nations still carries the Stick to compel global policy, while Al Gore carries it to the bank.  The Stick is a pillar in his media presentations.  And to this day, those who dare criticize the spurious Stick are branded “outliers.”

Responsible science is built on skepticism.

Gore and Hansen led the ignorant to believe that this is the hottest weather ever, blaming it all on the rampant production of carbon dioxide caused by man’s insatiable appetite for fossil fuels.

CO2 Only accounts for less than 1 percent of the gases in the earth’s atmosphere and of that sliver, only 3 percent is created through anthropogenic means.  Additionally,, carbon dioxide has been steadily increasing at a snail’s pace since the end of the Little Ice Age, the claim that the gas caused a post-1970 hockey spike and the hottest temperatures ever is pure chicanery.

Interestingly, so many of the global warming hawkers get the warmest years wrong.  In both his film and on the road, Al Gore has claimed “If you look at the ten hottest years ever measured, they’ve all occurred in the last fourteen years.  And the hottest of all was 2005.  Does 2005 even appear in the top ten?  No.  2005 is actually number 16, I honestly don’t know where Gore obtains his data.

1.1934 2.1998 3.1921 4. 2006 5. 1931 6. 1999 7. 1953 8. 1990 9. 1938 10. 1954

11. 1939 12. 1987 13. 2001 14. 2007 15. 1986 16. 2005 17. 1946 18. 1991 19. 1933 20. 1981

The difficult decision Gore recommended was imposing upon the populace an immediate cap on the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions and commanding further reductions of 90% or more (from today’s levels) by 2050.  Such legislation should cause one’s “moral imagination” to envision life in a third-world gulag.

According to the Census Bureau, we experience a net gain of one person every thirteen seconds, which equals 6,646 new people in this country daily and nearly 2.5 million annually.

Carbon Dioxide is Not a Pollutant; it’s a vital fertilizer essential to life.  In fact, it’s no more deadly than water and oxygen.

Like water and oxygen, there is a finite amount and yet an infinite supply of carbon dioxide.  In other words, we are not losing any to outer space, nor is any being added from deliveries by extraterrestrials.  The CO2 that is here, is here---and it’s not going away---it will just be stored in different places. 

Observe the wonderful symbiotic relationship among humans, animals, and plants.  Humans, and the various species of animals, breathe in the oxygen produced by plants.  A wondrous transformation then materializes in our lungs, causing us to exhale CO2, which the plants then “breathe.”  Just as fascinating is the relationship plants have with the planet’s various other sources of CO2.  And the more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the more content the plants become---just ask anyone who has worked in a greenhouse.

The plant kingdom would abound if carbon dioxide levels were to increase in the global atmosphere.

The effects of carbon dioxide on trees, which over one-third of Earth’s land mass, may be even more dramatic.  According to Michigan State’s forestry department, trees have been raised to maturity in months instead of years when the seedlings were raised in a tripled CO2 environment.

So how could an element so essential to life be vilified as evil?

It’s astounding to note that, of the gases in our atmosphere, the amount of carbon dioxide is almost imperceptible.  By percentage, the gases are ordered as follows:  Nitrogen 78.1%, Oxygen 20.9%, Water Vapor .40% and Argon .9%


Carbon Dioxide .08%, Neon .002%, Helium .005%, Methane .002%, Krypton .001%, Hydrogen .0005%, Nitrous Oxide .0003%, Ozone .00004% and Carbon Monoxide just a trace.

Carbon Dioxide only accounts for a scant 38 thousandths of a percent of our planet’s atmosphere.  It is known as a variable gas becasue, like water vapor, it has historically fluctuated. 

Carbon Dioxide comprises 38/1000ths of the earth’s atmosphere, and of that amount, a mere 3 percent is generated by mankind as indicated by the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center.

The contribution of CO2 emissions created by human activity accounts for only 2.32 percent of the earth’s greenhouse effect.  When we consider water vapor into the math, the anthropogenic carbon dioxide footprint is reduced to a mere .116 percent of the greenhouse effect.

  1.  CO2 comprises .038 percent of the earth’s atmosphere, and of that amount, a mere 3 percent is generated by mankind.
  2. CO2 emissions created by human activity account for .116 percent of the greenhouse effect.
  3. Since the end of the Little Ice Age (150 years ago) the amount of carbon dioxide has increased 35 percent, well within historical norms.

Water is a resource that is finite yet infinite----it’s a zero-sum game.  CO2 works the same way, with one exception; the CO2 circuit requires more time to complete.

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