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Saturday, August 9, 2014

When Conservative Patriots Shut up

What Happens in America when Conservative Patriots Shut up?
What's going to happen when the Establishment RINO Republicans get their way and Dominate Ruling over the Republican Party for the forseeable future?What then?  
What opposition is there to the Democrats after all of the 'Purists", 'Extremist', 'Far Right Wingers' are Silenced for good?
How long will the Republican Party Survive without the 'Radical' "Tea Party' Conservative Base is Successfully pushed out or they give up trying to lead the Republican Party back to Greatness like it was Under Ronald Reagan?

I Know so many Conservatives who have already got so fed up and tired of the Establishment RINOs Sabataging Conservative Candidates every chance they get but Demanding loyalty to dug in Career Politicians who can be counted on and trusted to Vote the way they Want them to when they ask for their vote on something.  
This year has really had its ups and downs already.  David Brat was a Big Victory for Conservatives in VA but then Conservatives suffered Huge setbacks when Chris McDaniel, Dr. Milton Wolf, Ben Sasse and T.W. Shannon Lost their attempts to take down these Old has Been Washington Hacks with Young Fresh Spirited Conservatives Who have shown through the Primary process the willingness and desire to FIGHT the Democrats but also the Establishment Republican Leadership that seeks to maintain the control they have over the Party.  
For better or worse.  They put their political career and personal power over what is BEST for America and the people they are supposed to be representing!   
I have a News Flash for these Establishment RINO Republicans-----The Seats they keep Fighting for and Lying during Campaigns to Win belong to THE PEOPLE and WE THE PEOPLE Want and Need True Conservatives to be a real Opposition to the Democrats in Washington Now More than Ever!  
They haven't been up to the task.  That's why there is a Tea Party Conservative Movement in the First Place!  

The Democrats don't have a similar movement.  They tend to find the most attractive candidate and all line up behind that candidate because for the Democrats, they're all in lock step and their Base is Actively Ruling their Party.  This is the Problem.   I'm tired of holding my nose for Weak-Kneed losers who can't take the fight to their Democrat opponents.  These RINOs run boring campaigns and lose trying to survive on being Democrat Light.  A kinder, friendlier Republican Candidate who basically wants what the Democrat candidate wants but as a Republican.  People can see through that and vote for the Democrat because at least the Democrat is Principled and Passionate about what they're campaigning about.

Being a Conservative in America is Hard.  We have to work harder to explain what we believe.  It's so easy for Liberal Democrats to just point fingers and place blame on the Racist, Sexist, Selfish or Greedy Republican Candidate or worse where Establishment Moderate RINO Republicans Campaign like Democrats Pandering for votes instead of appealing to Voters Best Interests by Explaining Conservative Principles.  

The Republicans not only lack a spine or a backbone to Stand behind the Conservative Principles of the Republican Party but they also lack the Ability to explain these Conservative Principles.  They lash out and viciously attack the Conservative Tea Party backed Republican Candidates that CAMPAIGN on these Conservative Principles.  They treat these Conservative Tea Party Candidates much worse than their Democrat Opponent.  They do whatever it takes to defeat them.  Lie, pour tons of RNC Money into their dying campaign, Invite and Promote Democrats to vote for the incumbent over the 'Racist' Tea Party challenger.  This has happened in almost every Major Race including the races I already mentioned above.  

So here's what is going to happen if and when the Republicans get their way and Win the war over the Republican Party.

The Republican Party Loses.   They Lose.  How?  Why?

The Conservative Base won't shut up.  Conservatives won't surrender their Conservative Principles.  Not Now.  Not ever.  It's who we are.  We're Not changing for the Republicans or anyone else for that matter.  What do they do?

They leave the Republican party ending Reagan's dream of making the Republican Party the Permanent Home of Conservatives.  Many Conservatives have shared that dream and been fighting, hoping and praying the Republican Party would Unite behind the Conservative Base.
After watching the Republican Establishment handle the campaigns of the above mentioned primaries AGAINST the Conservative Tea Party Candidates, it is clear the Republican Leadership of the Party has Officially turned their backs on Conservatives and Declared War Against the Conservative Tea Party backed Candidates trying to pump new blood and fresh air into a Party that is dying on the vine and doesn't notice or care as long as their Leadership stays in place in power while the ship goes down.

So where do the Conservatives go?

Conservatives are too smart and too passionate to stay aboard a sinking ship that wants them out anyways.  Conservatives will abandon ship and start a new party.  A Conservative Tea Party backed party.  The Republican Party will go the way of the Whig Party or the BullMoose Party.  They'll die and wither away into history as a once Great Party of Lincoln, Coolidge and Reagan but taken over by Establishment Moderate LOSERS.

Meanwhile a New Conservative Tea Party will be born and it will be a force to be reckoned with.  It will rally conservatives, Independents and Libertarians together under the Conservative Tea Party Principles to defeat the Republicans and Democrats.Why does America have to have a Two Party System?  It doesn't.  Many Parties have risen and fallen over the years throughout America's History.  

Who is at fault for this Rift?  Who is to blame for splitting up the Republican Party?

The Karl Rove Establishment Moderate RINO Republicans who are currently in the leadership of the Republican Party.  The same Establishment Crowd who continues to push Moderate RINO Candidates like Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Thad Cochran and Pat Roberts at us.  Forcing these old career politicians over young, energetic, charismatic, Passionate and Principled Conservative Tea Party backed Candidates.  They are to blame.  Them!  Not us.  

We tried it their way since Reagan left office and what'd we get?  Bush 41, Bush 43, Dole, McCain and Finally Romney.  All of them were we were told Could Not Lose and were the only Candidates who could Win.  All the while Trashing Great Candidates, with less campaign financing, of Fred Thompson, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.  The Establishment RINO Moderate Wing of the Republican Party has proven they can Fight the Conservative Tea Party Base to the death only to go on to LOSE in the General Election time after time after time again.

How Long Should Conservatives continue to hold their noses and continue to vote for the 'Next guy in line' because they have the Campaign financing the other candidates don't have?  How Long?  

Meanwhile, the Democrats continue to beat these bozos laughing at expanding their grip and control over the government.  Destroying the Constitution.  Making America into something many of us grew up unreconizable.  The Democrats see what is happening within the Republican party also.  They enjoy and laugh at us while our internal war wages on every election cycle.  How long should this battle continue?  

That is the ultimate question.  How long should this battle continue?

I don't know the answer and I don't want to see this divide happen but it may be unavoidable and only a matter of time before this downfall of the Republican Party happens.   

Just think about and Always Remember, that everytime an Establishment Moderate RINO Republican Loses to a Liberal Democrat in the General Election, the Liberal Progressives Grow in Power and Improve their Grip on the Government.  Slowly and Purposely Changing America FOREVER.

That is the end where it is all heading.  
Conservatives withiin the Republican Party has to choose a side.  Stay a Republican to its demise or join the upcoming Enthusiastic Conservative Tea Party many have wanted and prayed for years to come into existance.  
Independents and Libertarians Need to Think Hard and Consider their options about this New Conservative Tea Party also.We have joined You in Tea Party Rallies across the Nation.    
We have joined you in writing and calling Representatives pressing issues we want to go our way.    
We have signed petitions and made numerous phone calls to get our representatives to vote our way.  
You have to help this new Conservative Tea Party Successful and grow with it into the foreseeable future.

That is the ONLY Way it will Succeed and be Successful.  Reagan succeeded in getting 'Reagan Democrats', Goldwater's Libertarians and Millions of Independents Who were unhappy with both parties.  This can happen again.  

This New Conservative Tea Party just needs the RIGHT Candidates to Lead the Ticket in 2016.

I have a Very Short List of Only 11 People Who Could Lead this Party and keep this Ticket Viable and Victorious.  
They are:
1)Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
2)Texas Governor Rick Perry
3)Louisana Governor Bobby Jindal
4)Indiana Governor Mike Pence
5)Fomer Alaska Governor Sarah Palin
6)Former Florida Congressman Allen West
7)Texas Senator Ted Cruz
8)Utah Senator Mike Lee
9)Retired Doctor Dr Ben Carson
10)Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine
11) Former Senator/Congressman Rick Santorum

And One More Honorable mention to Former Senator Jim DeMint who has been the Most Principled Conservative Tea Party Representative over the last decade.  South Carolina Govenor Nikki Haley and South Carolina's Congressman Trey Gowdy also get Honorable Mention.  

So What do You think?  Where do You stand?

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