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Friday, February 8, 2013

marklevinshow: Rove math

marklevinshow: Karl Rove flat out lied about Rep. Steve King

TheRightScoop: Police still have no idea where triple-murder suspect Chris Dorner is located

RedState: Why is Bipartisanship a One-Way Street?

TheRightScoop: Rove's claim to have worked for Reagan disputed

AmericanThinker: Look Mom, A Conservative!

AmericanThinker: Doomed Again to Repeat the Past?

TheRightScoop: Soopermexican: "So God made a liberal"

AllenWest: Our inability to correctly identify our enemy makes drone warfare and kill lists even more dangerous.

TheRightScoop: Obama ready to cut US nuclear weapons arsenal by a third

RT @marklevinshow: Reagan biographer says Karl Rove misrepresented credentials on Fox News...

marklevinshow: Shove that whiteboard...

marklevinshow: Nuclear war over Rove's claims to work for Reagan; Gipper biographer says no...