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Monday, February 18, 2013

RedState: Karl Rove Concedes To Tea Party, Finally Approves Of Rand Paul

marklevinshow: Rove now likes Rand Paul, after he didn't...

marklevinshow: Conservatives lining up against RINO Rove's attempt to control GOP primaries...

TheRightScoop: UGH! Cuomo pushing for late-term abortion bill

RedState: Kasich Administration Presents a False Choice on Medicaid Expansion

AmericanThinker: Downsizing Defense with a Trojan Elephant

TheRightScoop: Rush explains why Obama leaked his immigration plan

AmericanThinker: Greens march on Washington to oppose pipeline

TheRightScoop: Looks who's asking for a second chance

TheRightScoop: Looks who's asking for a second chance

AmericanThinker: McCain charges 'massive cover-up' on Benghazi

RedState: How To Win in Virginia in 2013

marklevinshow: Poison

RT @AmericanThinker: Gas prices soaring

TheRightScoop: Obama admin. fights asylum case on the grounds that a country BANNING homeschooling does not violate rights

AmericanThinker: Rubio raises $100,000 selling water bottles

AmericanThinker: The Obama Bankruptcy Curse Strikes Again!

RedState: Robots Are Taking Away Your Job

TheRightScoop: Jason Mattera: 'Violence against women' protesters don't believe women should have concealed carry

marklevinshow: Fox News Sunday: the RINO with the worst record in politics wants to pick our candidates...