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Thursday, February 28, 2013

dbongino: Almost 400,000 views. Thank you again for spreading the word. Liberty is a zero-sum game.

SenTedCruz: Statement on votes against today's sequester bills: Congress must get serious about reducing federal spending

TheRightScoop: Sheriff Joe offers to put released illegals in Tent City - free of charge

marklevinshow: There's Jell-O, and then there's McDonnell and Christie...

TheRightScoop: Obama urges SCOTUS to overturn gay marriage ban; Mark Levin explains how this could change for entire country

marklevinshow: Levin on Cavuto: no, Obama is not nice...

marklevinshow: Loser

TheRightScoop: Gowdy: When can the U.S. target alleged American terrorists overseas vs on American soil?

RedState: Colorado School District Wins Court Battle Over School Choice Innovation

AmericanThinker: Video: How Teachers Unions Hurt Schools, Kids and #Education

AmericanThinker: Video: The Real #GunControl Agenda

GREAT JOB NORTH CAROLINA!!!!!!!!! TheRightScoop: North Carolina bill would allow the Bible to be taken as elective in public schools

You're doing a Great job Senator! Thank You for staying Principled and Passionate! SenTedCruz: What an incredible two months! Wanted to update you about what I'm working on in DC & TX. Hope you'll read & RT:

marklevinshow: Eric Cantor needs to go

marklevinshow: The Sperling-Woodward emails

TheRightScoop: Chris Matthews: Support gun control or our presidents, political figures might get murdered

RedState: Explaining Obamacare Nicely To Donna Brazile

RedState: A License to Drill

RedState: Blast from the past: Michael Barone predicted the Obama Thugocracy in '08.

TheRightScoop: AWESOME: Arkansas overrides governor veto, bans abortions starting at 20th week

AllenWest: For all their lip service about "diversity," the loudest race bullies are on the left:

RedState: Defund Obamacare or Bust

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

AmericanThinker: Video: Why Are Gas Prices So High?

AmericanThinker: Bloomberg plays kingmaker

AmericanThinker: ABC doing their part in gun control debate

TheRightScoop: Colorado Gov. says he will support bill limiting magazine rounds because of Sandy Hook shooting

AmericanThinker: The Hagel Finagle

AmericanThinker: The real reason for the Christie CPAC snub

TheRightScoop: Mark Levin on the Don Imus radio show

RedState: Missouri Union-Boss-Turned-Democrat Rep. Wants to Make Fighting For Workplace Freedom A Felony

TheRightScoop: Black Chamber of Congress CEO: Obama doesn't understand our pain, he issues it...with a smile

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TheRightScoop: Obama admin using sequester as excuse to releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants

TheRightScoop: ZoNation: What the Bible really says about abortion

marklevinshow: Betsy McCaughey is on next! Her new book, Beating Obamacare, is out now....

marklevinshow: Andy McCarthy is exactly right

RedState: Simmering Down The Sequester Talk

RedState: Where is the Leadership in the Senate?

RedState: Conservatives, Not Liberals, Are the Problem

TheRightScoop: 'Obama won' - Rand Paul explains why he voted FOR Hagel nomination

JimDeMint: I'll be on @gretawire tonight at 10pmET. Be sure to tune in to FoxNews then.

marklevinshow: And here's the vote on the Hagel confirmation...

TheRightScoop: Obama got his man, Hagel nominated for SecDef

marklevinshow: Here's the roll call vote of senators who voted to end debate on the Hagel nomination, clearing the way for his...

marklevinshow: Obama's air travel won't be affected by the sequester...

AmericanThinker: Video: Obama Travels 'Anywhere Else' to Avoid Joining Sequester Talks...

SenTedCruz: Liberal super PAC attacking Sen McConnell's wife should apologize & Democrats should denounce this unfair attack:

TheRightScoop: Mark Levin: These are very, very dark times for this country

marklevinshow: The big lie is over, Christie is not even a fiscal conservative...

AmericanThinker: Video: John Kerry Tutors German Students on the American 'Right to Be Stupid' Freedom

RedState: Union Front Can't Name One Right Revoked by "No Rights at Work"