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Thursday, February 21, 2013

TheRightScoop: Mark Levin blasts Obama for smearing American people, and GOP for throwing in with Obama

TheRightScoop: Ted Cruz joins Senators on letter to Obama calling for withdrawal of Hagel nomination

marklevinshow: Rove flatly denies he's a communist, lol...

marklevinshow: Rick Scott could face challenge from the Right...

RedState: Joe Biden gave bad (read: illegal) advice on responsible gun use. To his WIFE.

TheRightScoop: Egypt denying U.S. access to captured Benghazi terrorist

marklevinshow: Obama hates the military, and always has...

TheRightScoop: Reports: Iran now able to enrich uranium up to 5x faster than previously expected

TheRightScoop: Waste of the Day: We are paying the IRS to have full-fledged TV studio! #CutWaste

AllenWest: Great idea for a "draconian cut:"IRS spends $4 million a year for a full-service TV production studio

RedState: Kasich Repeats Medicaid Expansion Lies in Ohio State of the State Address

RedState: ObamaNation: At least $177 Million In Tax Dollars Paid For Federal Workers To Do Union Business

TheRightScoop: Sen. Rand Paul returning 600k to Treasury from Capitol Hill office budget

TheRightScoop: Three Muslim men caught before causing "another 9/11" in the UK

SenTedCruz: President Obama should withdraw Hagel's nomination for #SecDef. He lacks the trust & confidence needed to serve:

AmericanThinker: Grow Up, S. E. Cupp

RedState: Detroit and How Democracies Die

TheRightScoop: Rush: For the first time in my life I am ashamed of my country

TheRightScoop: Hobby Lobby gets backing from GOP Senators in religious liberty lawsuit against Obama admin.

AmericanThinker: Video: Amazing Video Montage: Obama Sequester Lies Caught on Tape

TheRightScoop: UGH. Tim Tebow wimps out, cancels appearance at First Baptist Church due to backlash

RedState: Obama Pushes Universal Pre-K Despite Evidence it Hurts Children

SenTedCruz: Appreciate the support from a good friend and a former senator, JimDeMint:

marklevinshow: Jen Kuznicki alerts me to this brilliant Morton Blackwell presentation...

marklevinshow: Lest we forget, Rove in the shadows

AmericanThinker: Marco Rubio is still drinking water

AmericanThinker: Kerry promotes climate change in first speech

RedState: Immigration as a Public Charge

TheRightScoop: Michelle Malkin: Where is Paul Ryan to explain the sequester versus the real entitlement crisis?