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Monday, September 28, 2009

Don't Step on My Conservative Toes!

There's Are Conservatives Around Town Claiming that Conservatism is a" Product" to be "Sold" to the Masses like a "Product on tv".

I Fundamentally Disagree with this Assement and Comparison.
Conservatism is NO "Pitch" or "Hustle" or a "Product" to be Sold.

The Reason Conservatism is NOT a "Product" to be "Sold" is Because Conservatism is Based on Principled Philosophy Individuals Choose to Live their Personal Life by.

It's NOT a Game or Ploy Something Someone Buys from an Infomercial.

That is just a Ridiculous Comparison. It Cheapens what Conservatism is.

Conservatism is Much BIGGER Than that. It's a Way of Life.

An Individual's Choice of How They Live Their Life is Deeply Personal Made with Strong Convictions. Not to be Taken Lightly or Compared to Infomercials or Fast Food Products. It Takes People Years of Study and Self Education to Subscribe to Conservatism or Liberalism.

It's Foolish to Think or Say Otherwise.

As Such, this is NO TIME to be Attacking or "BLOGGING" about other Active Conservatives Who Are Faced with Daily Opposition.

Conservatives have a Hard Enough Time Defending their Point of View to Liberals.
Conservatism is NO Hype!

It’s NOT a Product to be “Sold”

No Salesmanship is Needed or Required to Sell a Quality Principled Philosophy that Stands on the Shoulders of the founding Fathers Then Carried on through the Years by Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.

Now Conservative Talk Radio Show Hosts Like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck and Gordon G Liddy do Most of the Heavy Lifting but Conservatism hasn't Changed over ALL of these Many Years.

Nobody is reinventing Conservatism or should be.

Conservatism is Timeless and Classic.

It doesn’t need to be Tweaked or "Repackaged" to Anybody.

Conservatism sells itself.

The Truth and Facts convict a Person to Commit to One Political Philosophy or Another.

I Openly and Outright Reject this!

The Principles of Conservatism speaks for itself and Defends it’s own Philosophy.

If Self Described “independents” or So Called “Moderates” Supposedly still wants to argue with You & Call You Names or Labels, they’re Obviously NOT Interested in being Converted to a More Conservative Point of View.

They’re Out Looking for a Fight and an Easy Target to have a Fun Moment with at Your Expense. These Same People are what Mark Levin Calls “Drones” or “Lemmings” or “Kool-Aide Drinkers”. They’re NOT going to be Won Over by being Ignored or Laughed at as Some Have Suggested.

I’m in the Camp and Strongly Believe We Do Need to Defend Conservatism to Whoever Attacks it. I Believe Conservatism is Worth Defending. I’m NOT Talking about a Violent Defense or Ugly Political Debates but a Civil Discussion of How and Why You Believe in the Conservative Point of View.

That's a Discussion and Debate Always Worth Having in My Book! ALWAYS!

We as Conservatives Have NOTHING to Hide or be Ashamed of about Our Conservative Philosophy!

How Does Defending Your Conservative Point of View You Deeply and Passionately Believe in a Bad or Wrong Thing?

Conservatives Should NOT be "Eating their Own" or "Preaching" to other Conservatives about Approach, Tone or Tact but More Supportive ESPECIALLY When Conservatives are in the Minority Party Right Now and Fighting to Take Back the Republican Party that is Rightfully OURS!

This Internal Fighting and Bickering Needs to STOP!

It's NOT Helping Our Conservative Cause but IS Stunting the Growth of other New Conservatives Who See this and Will be Afraid to Stand up or Speak out against Personal Attacks due from lack of Support from Our Own People.

That's NOT Right!

Let Conservatives be Conservatives!

Let's Embrace Each Other and Support Each Other's Personal Battles Each of us Face Each Day. Not Attack, Call Out or try to Silence or Belittle those of us Who Have Already Stood up and Choose to Continue to Speak out Against Opposition.

These Conservative Brothers and Sisters Need ALL of the Loyalty and Support they can get these Days.
That's What I Think!
This is Where I Stand!

The Time for trying to Stand out and be a Superstar Conservative is NOT as Important as Defending Other Conservatives Who Face Daily Confrontations and Choose to Stand up, Speak Out and Defend their Conservative Point of View.

How about You?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jesse Kelly is a Proud Conservative Who Wants Limited Government, Fiscal Sanity and Free Market Solutions

As a United States Marine Corps combat veteran, Jesse Kelly led a squad of Marines while deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was honorably discharged in August 2004 after four proud years of service.

After serving our country, Jesse moved on to work in the family construction business in Tucson, AZ. Managing multi-million dollar infrastructure projects for state and local governments, his duties include: estimating, scheduling, budget analysis, and human resource management.

Jesse's wife Aubrey attended the University of Arizona on a gymnastics scholarship graduating with a degree in Accounting. Jesse and Aubrey are proud parents of their infant son James. Their family attends Alive Christian Fellowship Church of Tucson.

Jesse Kelly is proud to announce the following endorsements:

•Former Congressman and Chairman of House Armed Services Committee, Duncan L. Hunter
•Congressman Trent Franks, AZ-2
•Congressman Marsha Blackburn, TN-7
•Congressman Frank Wolf, VA-10
•Congressman John Shimkus, IL-19
•Congressman Duncan D. Hunter, CA-52
•Former Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr.
•Lieutenant General Robert B. Johnston, USMC (Ret.)
•Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Horne
•Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, LD-18
•Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio
•Town of Marana Councilwoman, Roxanne Ziegler
•Town of Sahuarita Councilwoman, Kara Egbert
•Thomas C. Rustici, PhD - Professor of Economics at George Mason University
•Dr. Jane Orient, Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
•Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, Founder and Medical Director of Her Place: Health Enhancement and Renewal for Women
•Arizona State Coordinator of Smart Girl Politics, Karen MacKean
•912 Candidate
•Warriors for Congress
•Combat Veterans for Congress PAC
•Iraq Veterans for Congress PAC
•One Nation PAC
•Team America PAC
- Conservative Talk Radio Show Host Mark "The Great One" Levin has also Publicly Endorsed Jesse Kelly on His #3 Nationally Snydicated Radio Show with Link Posted to Mark's Own Webpage Linking to Jesse's. AWESOME!
On the Issues

Taxes and Spending
We must keep taxes low on both individuals and corporations in order to grow our economy and compete in the global marketplace. I support stopping the bailouts and letting the free markets work.

The incumbent portrays herself as a fiscal conservative but she supported the stimulus and the massive debt creating budgets enacted by our current administration. I will work to stop debt creating stimulus spending and reduce the size and scope of our government.

We need an "all of the above" strategy with regard to energy, including but not limited to: oil, natural gas, clean coal, wind, solar, and nuclear power. While I support the development of alternative and renewable energy I believe the free market should dictate how and when these sources are brought to market, not the heavy hand of the government. Preserving our current supply of energy will allow for affordable energy in the interim as new technologies begin to emerge.

America has vast reserves of energy supplies that are being withheld from use because of political agendas. Unleashing these resources would lower energy costs, lower dependency on foreign sources and increase domestic employment. I support developing our domestic resources in order to increase our economic and political security.

The purpose of an education system should be to teach our children the knowledge and skills they will need to live as free and productive citizens. We should start focusing on how to best accomplish this and worrying less about whether the building is publicly or privately owned. I support school choice efforts and home schooling in addition to a well funded and effective public school system.

Our borders must be secured and America needs an increased presence along our borders in order to halt drug trafficking and gang violence.

Health Care
I oppose Obama-care and the rationing of health care. We must reform tort laws to lower health care costs for all Americans. I support a "health care court" in lieu of the current lottery system that encourages egregious lawsuits in order to stop defensive medicine and rising malpractice costs.

The FDA needs to be restructured in order to lower the cost of life-saving pharmaceutical drugs. I support an increase in the amount allowed into tax-free health savings accounts.

We should enable insurance companies to sell health insurance across state lines, as they do car and life insurance.We should allow small businesses to band together in order to increase their purchasing power and reduce their costs.

We need to crack down on Medicare and Medicaid fraud, saving us hundreds of millions a year.

Finally, we should allow individuals to be able to pay for insurance premiums through their own private, health savings accounts, with the same type of tax incentives that corporations have.

Sanctity of Human Life
I support and will defend life from conception to natural end.

Second Amendment
The Second Amendment of the Constitution is not just about hunting. It is about the right of a free people to defend themselves which is why I am a strong supporter of the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.

National Defense
We live in a time when our enemies test nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles capable of reaching American interests. Terrorists continue to plot attacks against America and her interests. We must fully fund our nation's military and ensure the men and women in uniform have the tools, training, and care they need and deserve.

Our government has a constitutional obligation to protect its citizens. Border security needs to be a top National Defense priority. I am committed to fully funding vital military systems such as missile defense and upgrading our fighter and bomber fleets.

Jesse Kelly Wants Limited Government. Fiscal Sanity. Free Market Solutions.

Jesse Kelly's Campaign Message is "Send a Warrior to Congress"

That's Exactly What I Want to Do Too! I Sure Hope this Note/Blog Helps You Get to Know and More Importantly Support Jesse Kelly in His Bid to Unseat Rep. Gabrielle Giffords for Congressional District 8's Seat in Congress Next Year in 2010!

Jesse Kelly on the Air with Mark Levin as a Special Guest.
Here is Where You Can See Jesse Kelly's Webpage Linked to The Mark Levin Show on Mark's Webpage!
Moe Lane of thinks Jesse Kelly is the Best Candidate Who Can Defeat Rep Giffords. Thx Redstate. I Agree!
America's Sheriff, Maricopa County's Sheriff Joe Arpio is Endorsing Jesse Kelly for Tucson's District 8 Congress Seat!
Jesse Kelly is Proud to now be endorsed by Rep. Marsha Blackburn, TN-7.
Jesse Kelly was Recently Interviewed by Political Commentator, Sher Zieve, published by Canada Free on PressAug 31, 2009. Read that Interview Here at this Link:

Jesse Kelly Held a Pancake Breakfast and Fundraising Event - Green Valley/Sahuarita on Saturday, September 19thAug 28, 2009. Read More about this Event at:

Jesse Kelly was on Interviewed on the "G. Gordon Liddy Show" on Hour 3 from August 25, 2009.Hear this 3rd Hour Interview at:

Jesse Kelly Continues to Keep the Pressure on his Opponent rep. Gabrielle Giffords by Holding both a Local and National Campaign against his November Incumbant. Articles have been Written about Jesse Kelly in Support of Jesse Kelly on Nationally Known Websites such as The Drudge, and

Jesse Kelly's Interview with Moe Lane is at:

Jesse Kelly's Article is at:

Other Great YouTube Videos of Jesse Kelly Can be Seen at:Jesse Kelly on his Opponent Gabby Giffords and Health Care Reform

Jesse Kelly on Obamanomics

Jesse Kelly Town Hall, August 13, 2009, Green Valley

Jesse Kelly on the American Dream

Arizona Public Media had this Interview with Jesse Kelly on August 18, 2009

Jesse Kelly is also a Frequent Guest and Caller to Tucson's Number 1 Talk Radio Show The Jon Justice Show on 104.1 The Truth which Airs Monday through Friday 6-9am. You Can Hear Some of his Interviews and Phone Calls Here at Justice on Demand:
“He is the perfect candidate.” “... a solid conservative, somebody who is serious about the issues that matter to us.”
- Mark Levin, Radio Talk Show Host and Best Selling Author

“Jesse Kelly reminds me of Barry Goldwater.”
- Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst

“Jesse Kelly has an excellent understanding of economics. His leadership will rebuild our economy.”
-Thomas C Rustici Ph.D., Professor of Economics, George Mason University

“Kelly has already been willing to be more direct and articulate in his criticisms of Giffords than any of her previous rivals ever have been …”
-Daniel Scarpinato, Arizona Daily Star

If You Liked this Note/Blog about Jesse Kelly and Want to Help Support His Campaign.
Please Send Campaign Donations to:P.O. Box 89520 • Tucson, AZ 85752
• Phone 520-306-0681 •©2009 Kelly for Congress.
All rights reserved. Website design by LiquifiedCreative and managed by xforty technologies
Jesse Kelly's Official Webpage is at:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Party of 'No' Offers Much Better Alternatives to Health Care Reform

Time and Time Again, The Democrats Love to Make the Masses Think that The Republicans are just a Party of 'No' and "Republicans just Defend the Status Quo!" or "The GOP is NOT Offering ANY New Ideas"
Here are My Answers to those Claims.
The Republicans Actually Have TONS Different Great Health Care Reform Bills that are Shorter in Length and Simplier to Read and Easy to Enact and Cost Efficient!
Yet the Mainstream Media Gives the Republican Party Zero Credit or Attention.
Let's ALL Make Sure that These Republican Sponsored Health Care Reform Bills DO Get Some Attention because They're Great!

Republican Health Care Reform Links:

Rick Perry’s Tort Reform Bill that Worked Well for Him in TexasAny Realistic Great Health Care Reform Bill MUST Have Tort Reform in it as Far as I'm Concerned!

The 1st Republican Alternative Health Care Reform Bill that I Love the Most is Sponsored by Senator Jim DeMint of SC's Health Care Freedom Pan!
Great Plan for America!
Could be Effective Immediately and Would Most Definately Help Bring Down the Costs of Health Care For ALL Americans!
Don't Just Take My Word For it Though, Click on these Links I Provide and Read about it For Yourself!!
Jim DeMint’s Health Care Freedom Plan - S. 1324 = 82 Pages Long!
Jim DeMint's Health Care Freedom Plan DOES Have Tort Reform in it!
You Can See Why I Like it! :)

Qualified Health Insurance Credit;
Specific Language Preventing illegal Aliens from Qualifying as Eligible for a Health Insurance Credit;
Improvements on Health Savings Accounts;
Healthcare Liability Reform to Prevent Baseless Lawsuits While Ensuring those Who Suffer True Harm Receive Fair and Adequate Compensation;
Health Insurance Reform to Allow Insurance Providers to Provide Insurance across State Lines; and, Block Grants for States to Ensure those with Pre-Existing Conditions Can Afford Coverage.

Here Are Some Other Great Alternative Common Sense Free Market Solutions the GOP has Offered:

The GOP Offered this Great Website to Repsond to Obama's Continue Lies to the American People Done Through the Media in Print and on tv.

Here are 31 Common-Sense Changes to Health Care Reform Bill HR3200 that the Dems Keep Blocking to Scrap Government Takeover of Health Care, Stop Job-Killing Employer Mandate and Small Business Tax

On June 17th 2009 - House GOP Solutions Group Outlines Health Care Plan to Increase Affordability, Accessibility, AvailabilityCommonsense Health Care Reform to Lower Costs and Increase Access and Quality at a Price Our Country Can Afford

RSC Chairman Tom Price has introduced H.R. 3400, the Empowering Patients First Act. This is another positive solution from the Republican Study Committee that grants access to affordable, quality health care for all Americans, and is centered around the patient. By increasing patients’ control over their health decisions, we will make coverage more affordable, accessible and responsive, while offering more choices and the highest-quality care.

Congressman John Shadegg (AZ-03) joined with several Republican Members of Congress including: Congressman Rob Bishop (UT-01), Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (TN-07), Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. (TX-26), Congressman Phil Gingrey, M.D. (GA-11) and Congressman Pete Hoekstra (MI-02) to introduce The Improving Health Care for All Americans Act which will reform America’s health care system making health care services more personal, more affordable and ensure that all Americans receive the care they need.

Another Republican Alternative Health Care Reform Bill is HR 3400, The Empowering Patients First Act, written by Georgia Congressman Tom Price, Represents a New Beginning for America's Health Care System. It is one that places Individuals Squarely in Charge of the Decision Making Process.S. 1099 = 248 Pages Long!
Another Great Republican Alternative with Tons of Support from Neurosurgeons and Patients Alike!
Refundable Tax Credit for Health Insurance Costs of Low-Income Individuals;
Expansion of Access and Choice through Individual Membership Associations; and,
Liability Protections for Health Center Practitioners and Health Center Volunteer Practitioners. - Lots of youtube Video on this Link

Republican Health Care Reform Bill is The Patients’ Choice Act of 2009 by U.S. Senators Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK) and Richard Burr (R-NC) and U.S. Representatives Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Devin Nunes (R-CA) = 268 Pages Long!
Investing in Prevention;
State-Based Health Care Exchanges;
Supplemental Health Care Assistance for Low Income Families;
Increasing Medicare Efficiency; Reducing Medicare Fraud and Abuse;
and, Ending Lawsuit Abuse.

Republican Sponsored Bills are Great Free Market Based Bills that Would Dramatically Improve America's Health Care System by Bringing Down Costs and Giving Patients More Choices/Options!
On Tuesday, 16 June 2009 - After listening sessions and meetings with over 70 patients-rights advocates, doctors, nurses, hospitals, and medical groups, U.S. Reps. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) and Charlie Dent (R-Penn.), and members of the centrist Tuesday Group, today released details of the "Medical Rights and Reform Act," a comprehensive health care reform proposal.

On Jun 6th, 2007 - U.S. Congressman Phil Gingrey, M.D. (R-GA) today introduced the Help Efficient, Accessible, Low-cost, Timely Healthcare (HEALTH) Act, legislation to reduce frivolous medical lawsuits that are raising the cost of healthcare and driving many physicians out of business. This bipartisan bill would abolish the financial incentives for filing expansive lawsuits, while providing a fair and timely reparations process for those who have been wronged.
On May 21st 209 - U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson (3rd Dist.-Texas) re-introduced legislation to increase the insured through the creation of Association Health Plans (AHPs).

■House Republican Leaders’ Letter to President Obama [PDF] Outlining Areas for Common Ground on Health Care Reform (May 13, 2009)

Let's NOT Forget that 83% of ALL Americans Like Their Health Care They NOW Recieve!
85% of ALL Americans ARE Medically Insured with Health Insurance!

This Administration and Democratic Majority in Congress is OUT OF CONTROL with Their Deficit Spending, Earmarks, Waste and Corruption!
They Haven't Done Anything Right Since Bush's 1st Term!They Wrecked/Ruin the Real Estate Market with Fannie Mae & Freddie Mack!
They Ruined Our Financial Institutions With Our Creditors and Banks!
The Stimulus, TARP, Bailouts and Omibus Bills Haven't Turned Around Our Economy ONE Bit!They Couldn't Prevent AIG Executives From Recieving Bonuses and Tried to Cover it up and Hide it then Raised a Big Stink about it After they Couldn't Cover it up or Hide it anymore!
They Weren't Successful in Running a Simple and Short "Cash For Clunkers" Program Properly!
This is the Same Government We Want Taking Over and Running Our Health Care System!
Do We Really Want These Same Senators/Congressmen Making Life or Death Decisions about OUR HEALTH CARE? I DON'T THINK SO!

We ARE the Majority Opinion on this Health Care Reform Bill HR3200! Says this HR3200 Bill is 1,038 Pages. Says this HR3200 Bill has been Viewed by Over 341,000 People. Says this HR3200 Bill is Approved by Only 13% of those 341,000 People Who Have Taken the Time to Sit Down and Read Through the Bill.
That Means 87% of ALL Others Who Viewed This HR3200 Bill on ARE OPPOSED After Reading through it!
What Does that Tell You?

Here's Some Other Interesting Related Links about Health Care Reform Bill HR3200:

1. - Barbara Wagner’s Story
2. - Sarah Palin is Right about “Death Panels”
3. - AP Fact Check Link
5. 6.
8. – Tom Price youtube Video
9. – Tom Price youtube Video

Bottomline for Me When it Comes to Writing This Note/Blog is that I Hope & Pray that Enough People Take the Time to Click on the Provided Links Above and Do the Required Research that I Have Already Done!
Everyone Needs to be More Knowledgable about Health Care Reform Right Now!
Please Feel Free to Steal My Links and Pass them on to Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Distant Relatives or Whoever You Need to Share this With. Go Right Ahead!
That is Why I Wrote This Note/Blog!
I Just Want to Help Do My Part in Spreading Information/Knowledge that I Have Learned!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The "40 Million Uninsured Americans" and Health Care Reform Bill HR3200

I Do Want to Shed Some Light on the Issue of the 46.6 Million People that the Census Bureau Reported on in 2006.
Every Liberal Democrat in favor of this Health Care Reform keeps Repeating in Support for Needing this Bill NOW!
It’s a LIE! Totally NOT True!
Here is the Facts from that Same Census Bureau Report from 2006:
About 9.5 Million were NOT United States Citizens!
Another 17 Million Lived in Households with Incomes Exceeding $50,000 a Year and Could, Presumably, Purchase their Own Health Care Coverage!
Another 18 Million of the 46.6 Million of the “Uninsured” were Between the Ages of 18-24.
Most of whom were in Good Health and Not Necessarily in Need of Health-Care Coverage or Chose Not to Purchase it!
Only 30% of the Nonelderly Population Who Became Uninsured in a given year remained uninsured for more than 12 Months!
Almost 50% Regained Their Health Coverage with 4 Months!
The 47 Million “Uninsured” Figure used by Pelosi and others is Widely Inaccurate!
So I Don’t Want to hear that America’s Health Care System is Horrible and Needs to be Controlled by the Government!
That Would be the Absolute Worst Thing Americans Could Do to Themselves!
My Personal Opinion is that We Need Free-Market Solutions to the problems facing the Health care industry, and will vigorously oppose any efforts to "Nationalize Health care".

Health Care Reform Would be Helpful and Needed but NOT this Current Health Care Reform Bill HR3200.
I Still Think there are FREE MARKET SOLUTIONS America Should Do before Handing over Control of the Health Care System to Politicians/Bureaucrats in DC!
I'd Hate to see just How BAD Our Health Care System Would be Politicized!

If You Think it's Bad Now...Just Wait Until Government Controls Your Health Care!

These are THREE Bills that have Free Market Solutions that the Republicans are sponsoring:

The 1st Republican Alternative Health Care Reform Bill that I Personally Favor the Most is Sponsored by SC's Sen. Jim DeMint Health Care Freedom Plan!
Could be Effective Immediately and Would Most Definately Help Bring Down the Costs of Health Care For ALL Americans!
Don't Just Take My Word For it Though, Click on these Links I Provide and Read about it For Yourself!!
Jim DeMint’s Health Care Freedom Plan - S. 1324 = 82 Pages Long!
Jim DeMint's Health Care Freedom Plan DOES Have Tort Reform in it! You Can See Why I Like it! :)
Qualified Health Insurance Credit;
Specific Language Preventing illegal Aliens from Qualifying as Eligible for a Health Insurance Credit;
Improvements on Health Savings Accounts;
Healthcare Liability Reform to Prevent Baseless Lawsuits While Ensuring those Who Suffer True Harm Receive Fair and Adequate Compensation;
Health Insurance Reform to Allow Insurance Providers to Provide Insurance across State Lines; and,Block Grants for States to Ensure those with Pre-Existing Conditions Can Afford Coverage.

The 2nd Republican Alternative Health Care Reform Bill is HR 3400, The Empowering Patients First Act, written by Georgia Congressman Tom Price, Represents a New Beginning for America's Health Care System.
It is one that places Individuals Squarely in Charge of the Decision Making Process.S. 1099 = 248 Pages Long!
Another Great Republican Alternative with Tons of Support from Neurosurgeons and Patients Alike!
Refundable Tax Credit for Health Insurance Costs of Low-Income Individuals;Expansion of Access and Choice through Individual Membership Associations; and,Liability Protections for Health Center Practitioners and Health Center Volunteer Practitioners.

The 3rd Republican Health Care Reform Bill is The Patients’ Choice Act of 2009 by U.S. Senators Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK) and Richard Burr (R-NC) and U.S. Representatives Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Devin Nunes (R-CA) = 268 Pages Long!
Investing in Prevention;State-Based Health Care Exchanges;Supplemental Health Care Assistance for Low Income Families;Increasing Medicare Efficiency;Reducing Medicare Fraud and Abuse; and,Ending Lawsuit Abuse.

Those 3 Republican Sponsored Bills are Great Free Market Based Bills that Would Dramatically Improve America's Health Care System by Bringing Down Costs and Giving Patients More Choices/Options!!
This is another Great Blog that Highlighs These Three Republican Health Care Reform Bills!

There ARE FOUR Things I'd Like to See Our Government Try Before Handing Over Our Health Care Sytem Over to Them to Run the Whole Thing!!

1. An Enforced Border Woud Help Bring Costs Down A LOT by Slowing Down the Flooding of Illegal Aliens Who are Overwhelming Our Hospitals with Services that are NOT being Paid for NOW that Number in the Millions Which Drives up Costs for EVERYONE Else Who Lives Here Legally and Pays Their Taxes and Health Care Insurance!
This Can't be Ignored any Longer and HAS to be Factored into ANY Serious Honest True Health Care Reform Bill!

2. Tort Reform in ALL 50 States Would Help Bring Costs Down by Limiting How Much Slip and Fall Ambulance Chasing Trial Lawyers Can Sue Hospitals, Doctors and Nurses in MalPractice Lawsuits which is also Helping to Drive up Costs for EVERYONE Here Legally and Paying Their Taxes and Health Insurance Premiums!
They're Already Doing This in Texas and a Few Other States with SUCCESS!
This Needs to be Done ALL Accross America! It Would Do ALOT to Help Bring Health Care Costs Down NationWide!
Here's a Great Link to How Tort Reform IS Working in Texas and Those Results Could be Replicated NationWide!
Read this Article From This Link and Then Tell Me What You Think!

3. Deregulating the Insurance Companies and Allowing Consumers to be able to Shop Around in ANY State Would Introduce Healthy Competition among Insurance Companies and Help Bring Insurance Costs Down!
Americans Should be Allowed to Shop Around For Health Care Insurance From State to State Without All of the Current Red Tape!
Jim DeMint's Health Care Freedom Bill IS by Far The Best Plan I've Seen Or Heard Yet When it Comes to Reforming America's Health Care System!!

Here's a Link to a One Page Summary of Jim DeMint's Bill:

Here's a Link to a Letter From Americans For Tax Reform about Jim DeMint's Health Care Freedom Bill:

4. I Still Like the Idea of Individualized Health Care Saving Accounts with "Catastrophic Coverage" Would also be a Better Way of Helping to Bring Health Care Costs Down..I'd Like to See these Kinds of Things FIRST!

If and When We Still Have High Health Care Costs After Trying ALL of These Kinds of FREE MARKET SOLUTIONS FIRST, Then MAYBE I Would Think about CONSIDERING More Government Control Over America's Healthcare System!! MAYBE! But I Doubt it!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Favorite Glenn Beck Videos

This is My Newest Video of Glenn Beck Retelling "The Story of Obama" on Obama's Birthday! It's a Classic! 8-04-09

Glenn Beck Presents the Obama National Anthem - Another New youtube Video With Over 836,863 Views Already...People are Paying Attention to Glenn Beck!

Glenn Beck Describing Just How Much IS a Trillion Dollars!
Great Video!

Glenn Beck's Heart-Stopping Housing Chart!
This ONE Video has been Seen on youtube Over 73,591 Times!! It's a Good One! ;)

Glenn Beck's The Crash of 2009 IS COMING! Another Great Glenn Beck Moment! ;)

Glenn Beck - Inconvenient Debt - Glenn's at it Again with Great Success! Over 617,760 Views on youtube for This Great Video!

Glenn Beck - Exposed: America's Broke - Over 28,724 Views on This youtube Video

Glenn Beck: Look Behind the Curtain Another Popular Glenn Beck Video on youtube with over 19,075 Views!

Glenn Beck: Road to Socialism Over 13,573 Views on youtube!

Glenn Beck Global Warming Greatest Scam in History With Special Guest Founder of The Weather Channel's John Coleman...John Coleman is Suing Al Gore for Scientific Fraud with Over 30,000 Scientists (At Least 9,000 of them Phds)

Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck Debut Show on Fox

Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck - No Surprise This youtube Video Has Over 1,724,646 Views!

Thomas Sowell, Glen Beck, and the Housing Crisis This Video is Part 1 of 2!

Thomas Sowell, Glen Beck, and the Housing Crisis This Video is Part 2 of 2!

Human VS Broken CFL Bulb:Glenn Beck Earth Day Special - One of My Personal Favorites!

Glenn Beck Interviews Steve Milloy on Global Warming

Beck on Global Warming

Glenn Beck - The One Thing About Health Care

Glenn Beck - The One Thing About Common Sense

Glenn Beck on Waxman-Markey Bill, from 06/29/09 Part 1

Glenn Beck on Waxman-Markey Bill, from 06/29/09, Part 2

Glenn Beck - More on Who Will Benefit from Cap-and-Trade

OK That's ALOT of Links to Youtube Videos of Glenn Beck but it's Nice to Have Them ALL Labeled in ONE Place Where I Can Easily Find Them and Access Them When I Need To! :)
Enjoy Watching These Videos as I have! ;)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Who IS Mark Levin and Why am I Such a BIG HUGE FAN of His!! Read This Blog and Find Out!

Mark Levin has become one of the hottest properties in Talk Radio, His Top-Rated Show on WABC New York is now syndicated Nationally by Citadel Media Networks. He is also one of the top new authors in the conservative political arena. Mark's radio show on WABC in New York City skyrocketed to Number 1 on the AM dial in his first 18 months on the air in the competitive 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM time slot. Mark's book Men in Black was released February 7, 2005 and quickly climbed to Number 3 in the nation on the New York Times Best-Seller list. When your book is endorsed by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, you know you have a winner on your hands. In a short period of time, Mark has become one of the most listened to local radio Talk show hosts in the nation.

Mark Levin took over the WABC 6:00 PM slot on September 2, 2003. Before that, he hosted a popular Sunday afternoon program. "He's smart, witty, and fast on the draw," according to WABC Program Director Phil Boyce. "He has this sharp sarcastic wit that can easily stun his opponents. I know I would not want to debate him." Mark's show follows the ever popular Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity on WABC, but everyday he manages to come up with a new twist on the day's top news events, as well as his own unique information. His passion and intellect have made him a favorite of tens of thousands of radio listeners in the New York City area.

Mark has been a frequent guest and substitute host on The Sean Hannity Show, and has also been an advisor to Limbaugh, who frequently refers to him on the air with the nickname "F. Lee Levin." He is perhaps more well-known for his nickname, "The Great One," coined by his friend Hannity.

Mark Levin is one of America's preeminent conservative commentators and constitutional lawyers. He's in great demand as a political and legal commentator, and has appeared on hundreds of television and radio programs. Levin is also a contributing editor for National Review Online, and writes frequently for other publications. Levin has served as a top advisor to several members of President Ronald Reagan's Cabinet - including as Chief of Staff to the Attorney General of the United States. In 2001, the American Conservative Union named Levin the recipient of the prestigious Ronald Reagan Award. He currently practices law in the private sector, heading up the prestigious Landmark Legal Foundation in Washington DC.
How to Contact the Mark Levin ShowPhone: 1-877-381-3811(Mon. - Fri. 6pm to 9pm)

It Should also be Noted/Stated For the Record that Mark Levin's New Book "Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto" was Number 1 on the New York Times Best Seller List in Hardback Version Only 13 of 14 Weeks Straight!! That is Unheard of and Quite an Achievement since Mark's Book had Virtually ZERO Help From the Mainstream Media in Helping to Promote His Book. Not a Peep From Any of the Mainstream Media Networks. Only on Fox News did Mark Levin get to come on and discuss his Book.

Mark Levin's "Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto" was SO Successful that it has ALREADY Sold More Copies than ALL of Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck Books COMBINED! And it's NOT Even Availiable on Paperback Yet! That is Quite an Achievement! That Says Something about the Way that Mark Levin Communicates to His Readers and His Loyal Fans who Take the Time to Actually Read What Mark has to Say in Print!

Bottomline is that Mark Levin is ALL OF THAT and Then Some for Modern Day Conservatives and Future Conservatives Out There Everywhere!
Mark Levin's Fan Base and Listening Audience is Growing Leaps and Bounds because of His Writing ability and the Way he Speaks his Conservative Point of View.

Mark Levin NOW has somewhere around 17 Million Listeners Who Tune into Listening to His Show Daily!

Mark Levin Truly is "The Great One!"

This Link to This Article Written by Mark Levin is ONE of My Favorite Examples of Just How Smart and RIGHT Mark Levin is Way Ahead of the Curve on Most Things!

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Hey IF You Really Want to Get to Know Mark Levin and Learn What He's ALL About..You Have to Take the Time to Listen to What Mark Levin Has to Say!
I Have Spent ALOT of My Time Listening to Commerical Free Podcasts of Mark Levin's Talk Radio Show on My iPod Daily. Before I Started Downloading His Podcasts through iTunes onto My iPod, I was Listening to Mark's Show on XM Satelite Radio. Before that I was Listening to The Mark Levin Radio Show on 790am at the End of My Long Work Day.
I Have Invested So Much of My Time Listening to Mark Levin Speak Because Mark Levin is a Great Conservative Thinker of Our Time!
Mark Levin is Passionate about His Love for America, Our Constitution and Our Founding of This Great Society.
It's Important to hear What People Like Mark Levin Have to Say about Important Issues Facing America Today.
Mark Levin Says the Things that I am Thinking!
Mark Levin Stands for Principles and Values that I Care About!
Isn't it Time You Started Devoting Some of Your Time to Listening to What Mark Levin is Saying?
I Like Mark Levin...Did You Get That by Now?? ;)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cap & Trade aka The Climate Bill or as I Like to Call it "Tax and Kill"

I'm SO Against The Current Cap & Trade Climate Bill that Passed in the House of Congress and is Still Currently in the Senate Waiting to be Pushed through into Legislation.
I DO Call it "Tax and Kill"!
That is EXACTLY What it SHOULD be Called!
That's what this Climate Bill Will Ultimately do to America!
It Will be an MASSIVE ENERGY TAX on Every American Citizen!
It Will NOT Make A Substantive Impact on the Environment!
It Will Cause Electricity Bills and Gas Prices to Sharply Increase!
It Will Outsource Manufacturing Jobs and Hurt Free Trade!
It Will Make You Choose Between Energy, Groceries, Clothing or Haircuts!
It Will Be Highly Susceptible to Fraud and Corruption!
It Will Hurt Senior Citizens, the Poor, and the Unemployed the Worst!
It Will Cost American Families Over $3,000 a Year!
President Obama Admitted “Electricity Rates Would Necessarily Skyrocket” under a Cap-and-Trade program! (January 2008)
Are You Scared or Worried Yet? Well You SHOULD Be!

The House Already has Passed this Bill. Now it just needs to go through the Senate and then finally the President has to sign it into Law. And Believe Me when I Tell You that Obama is Anxiously and Impatiently Waiting to Sign This Legislation into Law too!
What Would Global Warming Regulations Do?
■Lieberman-Warner: Last year, the Senate rejected cap-and-tax legislation that would have capped CO2 emissions 70% below 2005 levels by 2050. A Heritage analysis of that bill found startling economic impacts.
■Markey-Waxman: The cap-and-trade tax proposed by Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Rep. Edward Markey (D-MA) would double down on last year’s failed scheme, bringing in trillions of dollars in taxes, making it one of the largest sources of revenue for the federal government.
■Six Hundred Hurricanes Couldn’t Cause This Much Economic Damage: In the first 20 years, Lieberman-Warner would have destroyed nearly 3 million jobs, caused some manufacturing sectors to cut jobs by 50% and generated up to $300 billion per year in government revenue while reducing income by nearly $5 trillion. For comparison, this is equal to the economic damage done by over 600 hurricanes …and the Markey-Waxman bill is worse.
■Green Jobs Are a Myth, Real Job Losses are Not: For every “green job” created, others are wiped out. Job losses resulting from the Lieberman-Warner cap and trade would have surpassed 900,000 in some years. Keep in mind that this is net of any “green jobs” created.
■New Version, More Expensive: Markey-Waxman will be much more costly than the bill rejected by the U.S. Senate last year. Such an expensive tax on all Americans is bad under normal circumstances and worse during a recession.A “Carbon Constrained Future”
■The Ultimate Outsourcing: India and China have repeatedly said they would not match U.S. environmental goals in order to protect their economies. Cap and Trade will merely move manufacturing jobs to China and India.
■By 2100: By EPA calculations, the Lieberman-Warner bill would have at best resulted in a global drop in temperature of only 0.1 to 0.2 degrees Celsius by the year 2100.
■A Carbon Tax Would Be No Different: Alternative carbon taxes share the central flaw of any other carbon reduction scheme. Similar to cap and trade, a carbon tax would cause significant economic damage and would do very little to reduce global temperatures.
■An Alternative That Supports American Taxpayers: Instead of appeasing a radical environmental agenda, President Obama should give us access to all energy sources, including domestic oil production, nuclear energy, coal, and new renewable fuels. Instead of new taxes, the President should instead aim to lower gas and electricity prices. When government impediments are lifted, America’s energy entrepreneurs can develop innovative and market-driven solutions to our energy needs.
Still Not Scared or Concerned about this Massive Piece of Legislation that Our Current Government is trying to Rush into Law?

Check Out Some of these 34 Links I've Found when I was Researching This Cap-and-Trade Climate Bill:
2. - Wall Street Journal ArticleHint: They were promised a tax cut during the Obama campaign."An economy-wide tax under the cover of saving the environment is the best political moneymaker since the income tax."
5. – Glenn Beck’s Take on Cap & Trade Bill
6. - Mark Levin on Cap and Trade
10. – Mark Levin with Eric Cantor just after the Cap and Trade Bill Passes in the House
17. – John Boehner Filibusters Cap and Trade Bill
30. - Mark Levin Interviews John Boehner
31. - Mark Levin Calls Out the 8 Republicans Who Voted for Cap and Trade Bill in Congress
32. - Mark Levin Talks with Mike Pence about Cap and Trade on the Floor of Congress During Climate Bill Vote

If Those 34 Links Don't Help Give You More Info or Have Shown You Just How Dangerous and Damaging this Bill Will be to America, I'm NOT Sure What Will.I'll End on this Note.
This is NOT a Popular Bill among Most Americans or Congressmen in the House!
Only 8 Republican Congressmen Voted For This Bill.
The Rest Voted Against it or in Representative Flake's Case of AZ DID NOT Vote which in My Book is the Same as Voting for it.
It's Clear this Bill is Descructive and Damages America in Major Ways.
It Grows the Size and Strength of Government over Our Life.
When has that EVER been Helpful or Positive?
Please Take Some Time and Go Through these Links.
Do the Same research I did.
Then Let Me Know What You Think. Thanks!

My Thoughts on Manmade Global Warming aka Climate Change..It's a Hoax!

I Personally Choose to Believe that Manmade Global Warming aka "Climate Change" is a Hoax.
It's a Lie.
It Simply Does NOT Exist.
Al Gore, The UN and the UK have ALL Bought into this Lie.
My Opinion and Belief is that There is NO Significant Man-Made Global Warming or Climate Change at this Time, there has NOT been any in the past and there is little reason to fear any in the future.
I didn't say that the activities of man do not alter the weather and climate, because it is clear they do. What I said there is no significant man-made climate change and none should be reasonably expected to occur in the future.The science behind this current global warming, man-made climate change commotion, has failed to verify. The hypothesis that our carbon footprints produced by our use of fossil fuels is producing a significant greenhouse effect that will lead to climate calamity has failed to verify. So I repeat, there is no significant man-made global climate change.
I have studied the research papers of the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and examined the science presented by Al Gore in his books, his movie and his power point. I have traced the history of the development of the concept of carbon dioxide in the exhaust from our cars, power plants and industrial plants entering the atmosphere and interacting with the primary greenhouse gas, water vapor, to magnify warming. It all collapses into a failed theory when examined with scientific care.
I am not alone in reaching this conclusion. In the past year, 34 thousand scientists, 10 thousand with PhDs, have signed a statement debunking global warming. There is solid scientific evidence that by burning fossil fuels our civilization increases the amount of carbon dioxide, CO2, in the atmosphere. However, even after 150 years of burning fossil fuels, CO2 remains a tiny trace gas. To be precise only 380 molecules out of every one million are CO2. Scientists with an anti-fossil fuel agenda developed a theory of radiative forcing to explain how this trace gas could create runaway greenhouse warming. They put that theory into general circulation computer models. Their models then projected a continuous rapid rise in global temperatures year after year. In the 1980s and 1990's the models seemed on track as temperatures climbed. But in 1998 the warming stopped. By 2002 a rapid cooling had begun. That cooling continues today. The computer proof has failed. It has become clear the warming in the 80s and 90s was at the peak of a solar cycle and now that the sun has gone very quiet, cooling has gripped the planet. Yet the models continue to predict warming that is not happening. There is no significant warming from CO2.
I am painfully aware that global warming has become a political issue.
I deeply regret that.
I want to make very clear my conclusion is in no way politically based.

In the 1970's when there was a similar flurry of excitement about a coming Ice Age. Thankfully our government and political parties didn't get involved so when the science got things straightened out, the frenzy faded away. Unfortunately, this time people with the anti fossil fuel agenda had jumped on the global warming bandwagon and just won't let go. They have calmed the rhetoric to climate change, but they are still all wrapped up in cap and trade to tax our use of fossil fuels. This will do great harm to our economy but do nothing of consequence to protect the environment.Reject the extremist agendas and concentrate on your wonderful work protecting our natural resources and making natural experiences available to us citizens of today and generations to follow.I'd like to see the Special Tax-exempt Status Granted to Environmental Groups Elimated, since they're NOT NonPartisan Charitable Foundations.Eliminate Special Statutory Authority Granting Environmental Groups Standing to Bring Lawsuits on behalf of the Public, since their Main Purpose is to Pursue the Statist's agenda through Litigation.Fight ALL Efforts to use Environmental Regulations to set Governmental Industrial Policies and Diminish the Nation's Standard of Living, such as "Cap-and-Trade" to Regulate "Man-Made Climate Change."But Don't Just Take My Word on this.
Check Out The Link Below at John Coleman's Link. See What John Coleman Thinks, Writes and Says about Manmade Gobal Warming aka "Climate Change". - A Great Source About Global Warming
You've Got to Go to This Link and Read What John Coleman Writes about Al Gore and Global Warming
John Coleman's Remarks Before The International Conference on Climate Change in 2009
John Coleman's Remarks Before The International Conference on Climate Change in 2008 Coleman's Open Letter to Environmentalists

But I Don't Only Listen to or Believe ONLY What John Coleman Thinks, Writes or Says. John Coleman is a Great Source of Reference though. John Coleman was the Founder of the Weather Channel.
There are Many Scientists Who Agree With John Coleman and Me too!
Here are TWO Great Links that Clearly Show Massive Opposition to Al Gore's Claims to Manmade Global Warming aka "Climate Change" – John Coleman Suing Al Gore with 30,000 Scientists (9,000 Phds) For Global Warming Fraud

Here are Some Rasmussent Polls Showing What Americans Generally Think about Manmade Global Warming aka "Climate Change"'s's

Some More Great Links of Related Articles about Global Warming aka "Climate Change",Authorised=false.html?_i_location=

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The Al Gore movie, “An Inconvenient Truth

An online article about the word “deniers” used to describe Global Warming skeptics

United Nations IPCC Chapter 9, the key chapter on CO2 Forcing

Natural Resources Defense Council Global Warming report

Michael Mann and the Hockey Stick Chart

Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick’s Paper refuting the Hockey Stick Chart

Stephen McIntyre’s website

I Hope this Blog Helps to Give You More Information about Manmade Global Warming aka "Climate Change". That is My Intent. I Want More People to be Informed and Educated about this Issue and NOT just Accept Manmade Global Warming aka "Climate Change" as Fact just because it is Widely Accpeted by Al Gore, The UN, UK and The Mainstream Media. Haven't We Learned Enough Over The Years NOT to Trust/Believe Anything and Everything We Read but to do Our Own Research to Determine What the True Facts Really are.