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Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm Calling Out The Moderates In The Republican Party

What is a "Moderate"?
Who are these "Moderates"?
What Principles do "Moderates" Stand For?What is a "Moderate's" Position on Nationalised Healthcare?
What is their Position on Immigration?
What is their Position on ManMade Global Warming aka Climate Change?
Do "Moderates" Always Agree with each other?
Why is the Mainstream Media Constantly Trying to Push the Conservatives Out of the Republican Party in Favor for "Moderates"?
Do "Moderates" have Moral Standards?
Do "Moderates" Believe in a Civil Society?
Do ALL "Moderates" Agree on Abandoning President Reagan's Principles and Reagan's Legacy?
Do ALL "Moderates" Believe Republicans Should Encourage this "Big Tent" that is ALL INCLUSIVE?
What is this BIG TENT I keep hearing about all of the time?
How can the Republican Party be a "BIG TENT" Party that is also ALL INCLUSIVE?

I Would Argue that the Republican Party CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT be this "BIG TENT" Party that is ALL INCLUSIVE!
Why the Republicans Still Need to Follow Reagan's Example.
This Party with a BIG TENT that is ALL INCLUSIVE already exists and the Democrats are already claiming it!

I Say Let them have it! They can keep it!

NO Party can be ALL Things to ALL People ALL of the Time! That is just Ridiculous!
You Can Fool ALL of the People Some of the Time but You Can't Fool ALL of the People ALL of the Time!
America doesn't Want or Need Politicians Who get to the Top of their Party by Sticking their Index Finger in their Mouth and then Sticking it High in the Air above their Head to see which way the Political Wind is Blowing.

I'm in Favor of a Democrat Party Surrendering their Principles to us for a Welcomed Change.
I Want to see the Radical Liberal Left give in on Compromising their Principles in Favor of Ours.
We Don't Need to Follow behind Our GOP Establishment Leaders like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Karl Rove, Kevin McCarthy, Olympia Snow, and Susan Collins.
We Need to Reject what they're Selling us and go for what has Worked for Reagan and Will Work for America again.
Too Many Times have We Seen Republicans Turncoat & Change Party Affiliation when Challenged in Primaries like Arlen Spector to a Democrat, Charlie Crist to an Independent, Markowski of Alaska as a Write in over a Solid Reagan Conservative (Joe Miller).

Look at what happened recently in Mississippi with Moderate RINO Career Republican Thad Cochran.  That Win does NOTHING to advance the Republican Party in November or 2016.  Nothing.  Talk about protecting the status Quo.  Chris McDaniel Would've been a Much Better Candidate for Mississippi.  Much Better.  But the Moderate RINO Establishment Republicans Rallied behind Thad anyways.  Disgusting!  I am Truly Thankful and Most Appreciative of David Brat for Defeating Eric Cantor in VA.  Eric Cantor was an Amnesty Loving Moderate that was cocky as hell and needed to be taught a lesson.  I do thnk Eric Cantor learned that lesson the Hard Way.  I, however, doubt that the RINO Establishment Leadership in the House and Seante have not learned it yet.  They ignored what happened to Eric Cantor and Pushed Hard Supporting Thad Cochran over Chris McDaniel.  In all of the wrong ways and for none of the right reasons.  Conservatives will Always remember and Never Forget what happened in Mississippi with how they Viciously Attacked Chris McDaniel.  I Know I Never Will.

The Republican Party is Better off Standing on the Right Side of History like when President Reagan was this Nation's Most Popular Modern Day President. Which I Doubt We'll see again until another Brave, Courageous, Smart, Witty, Intelligent, Classy, Principled, Grounded, Proud, Bold, Fearless Conservative Candidate comes along who is Not Afraid to Proudly, Boldly and Loudly Express Conservative Values and Principles just as Reagan did in All of his Years in Politics.

I Know that Reagan's Model is the Right Model Any Modern Day Candidate Should be Following because today's events are Not unlike the Challenges that Reagan Faced in the Early 80's after Defeating Jimmy Carter in Easily Winning in Two Massive Landslide Victories!
I Would Argue that Reagan Won Over America in those Two Massive Landslide Victories based on his Fame, Personality, Wit, Humor, Quality and Clarity of Speech when he Spoke about Policies and Reagan's Consistant Conservative Stances he made on every policy he Signed FOR THE PEOPLE!
That is what America Desperately NEEDS and CRAVES For Right NOW!

Ronald Wilson Reagan Challenged the Republican Establishment All of the Time.
He did this before he was President, During and Afterwards as Well. 
At a Speech Reagan Gave at a CPAC on February 6, 1977, Reagan Addressed the Same Dilema on the heels of His unsuccessful effort to capture the Republican Presidential Nomination from the GOP Establishment Candidate, Gerald Ford.
Despite Calls from Conservatives for him to break with His Party, Reagan's Message was CLEAR:

"What will be the Political vehicle by which the Majority can assert its rights?  I have to say I cannot agree with some of my friends--perhaps including some of you here tonight--who have answered that question by saying this nation needs a new political party.  I Respect that view and I know that those who have reached it have done so after long hours of study.  But I believe that political success of the Principles We Blieve in can BEST be achieved in the Republican Party.  I Believe the Republican Party can hold and should provide the political mechanism through which the goals of the majority of Americans can be achieved.  For one thing, the BIGGEST single grouping of Conservatives is to be found in that Party.  It makes more sense to build on that grouping than to break it up and start over. Rather than a third party, we can have a new first party made up of people who share our Principles.  I have said before that if a formal change is name proves desirable, then so be it.  But tonight, for purpose of discussion, I'm going to refer to it simply as the New Republican Party.  And let me say so there can be no mistakes as to what I mean:  The New Republican Party I envision will not be, and cannot be limited to the country club-big business image that, for reason both fair and unfair, it is burdened with today.The New Republican Party I am speaking about is going to have room for the man and the woman in the factories, for the farmer, for the cop on the beat and the millions of Americans who may never have thought of joining our party before, but whose interests coincide with those represented by principled Republicanism.  If we are to attract more working men and women of this country, we will do so not by simply "making room" for them, but by making certain they have a say in what goes on in the party.  The Democratic Party turned its back on the Majority of Social Conservatives during the 1960s.  The New Republican Party of the late '70s and '80s Must welcome them, seek them out, enlist them, not only as rank-and-file members but as Leaders and as Candidates."

What was True in 1977 remains True TODAY!

Now, as then, the Republican Party is still home to the Reagan Conservative Republican Movement.

Though the party has sometimes lost its way, its Platform and body of Principles remain Strong--strong enough to survive even when its leaders momentarily lose sight of those Principles.America is Yearning for a President, Like Reagan,  to put his Principles before his Politics.  
52.7% Believed that Politician Would be Barrack Obama.
Obama is a Politician who believes in his Principles and fights Well for them Daily.
Too Bad for Americans that Obama's Principles are NOT Conservative and Definately NOT anywhere Near what President Reagan's Principles.
That was What Reagan Believed in to his last dying breath!
Obama believes in His Liberal Principles as well.
Obama's Liberal Political Principles have weaken America in Every Way, Shape and Form.
The Damage Done to America under his Leadership is so Bad that Even if Republicans Win Back Both The House and Senate making Obama's Final Years as President as a Lame Duck Presidency much like President Bush's 2nd Term when he was forced to work with a House and Senate that was Majority Democrats.

Even if a Conservative Republican Wins in 2016, it Will Still Take a Term or Two to Change/Turn things back around from Everything that Obama has ALREADY Done in his FIRST 100 DAYS.
It was that way for President Reagan after taking over for Jimmy Carter.  My Hope and My Prayer is that Whoever the Republicans do Nominate to run in 2016 is a Solid True CONSERVATIVE!
So Called "Moderates" Confuse People with their Mixed Views.
This Country can NOT Survive another FOUR Years under another Liberal Democrat Presidency or even a "Moderate" Candidate like Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, McCain, Romney, Huckabee, or even Rand Paul for that matter.
Only a True Solid Conservative can roll back these sweeping changes that Obama has already enacted.
We Need a CONSERVATIVE who can Articulate the Stark Differences between Conservatism and Liberalism.
A "Moderate" like Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, McCain, Romney, Huckabee, or even Rand Paul CAN NOT WIN because they are Moderate Candidates who Confuse People with their Mixed Views which are NOT CONSISTENT unlike a True CONSERVATIVE'S Message/Agenda IS CONSISTENT and EASY TO UNDERSTAND/FOLLOW!
It is Never Changing! How Bush's "Compassionate Conservatism" Hurt the Republican Party.
Conservatism is the ONLY Way to Defeat Obama's Soft Tyranny and Rebuild America Back to President Reagan's Heyday!
It Will ONLY Require a True CONSERVATIVE to get America Back to where America can be seen as a "Shining City on a Hill" with "Bold Colors!  NO Pastels!"
Any Watered Down or Weakened so called "Moderate" Will Never get this Job done and will ONLY do More Harm than GOOD.
Kinda of Like what President Bush did all throughout his Second Term.
President Bush had Some Conservative Principles that he Never Veered Away From which Were Extremely Important and Every American Should be Thankful For.
Bush's Strong National Defense and Pro-Life Stances Were Very Conservative Principles America Truly Needed. However, His Big Government, Spending, Immigration, Energy and Environmental Positions Really Hurt the Republican Party.
So Much So, that Obama did NOT have to Fight Long or Hard to Defeat the "Moderate" Candidate in McCain who the Rank and File Republicans all Lined up in Favor for. All Obama had to do was make Promises and NOT say anything stupid.
He Failed Horribly at the both but STILL Managed to Defeat the "Moderate" Candidate running against him. Nobody Really Wanted to see another President Bush in the White House and McCain's Moderate Stances gave his Republican Supporters Mixed Messages. Especially The CONSERVATIVE BASE of the Republican Party that wanted Whole Heartedly to Support McCain but in the end, just couldn't bring themselves out at the ballot Boxes. Why Senator John McCain Best Represents So Called "Moderates" and Why He Did Not Win the 2008 Race to be President.
McCain DOES Represent so Called "Moderates" for all of his "reaching across the aisle" and "Bipartisan" voting that he did while he was a Senator in a Very Red Conservative State of Arizona! (Barry Goldwater Territory)

It is My Opinion that McCain's views in favor of Immigration Reform (aka Amnesty) and his Weakness in Economics that finally did him in.
McCain's Age and Running away from his Conservative Base didn't Help Him Win Favor either.
Republicans Ran the OLDEST Republican against the YOUNGEST MOST Hip Democrat.
You Don't have to be clairvoyant to see how that Future would play out.
I Give Major Credit to Sarah Palin for doing her Best to Win Over Conservatives for McCain!
Palin's Presence and Speeches Turned Out Millions of Supporters/Voters for McCain that he Would've Surely LOST if he didn't select her to run with him as his Vice President.
The Crowds took to her Immediately and even I was caught off guards and surprised when McCain Picked her as it seemed Out of Nowhere!
Palin was the RIGHT PICK and Probably Could've Beaten Obama if she Ran Head-to-Head Against Him.
The Problem was that she had to Play by McCain's Rules and Follow his Lead since he was the Top of the Ticket and she was her Second in command. McCain Impressed Most Conservatives SO MUCH by Selecting this Little Known and WELL LOVED Candidate from Alaska that he was ALMOST Successful in Convincing Conservatives to Vote for him.

Unfortunately for McCain though, he was the TOP OF THE TICKET and he still Couldn't Convince MOST if NOT ALL Conservatives he wouldn't be another Bush. Palin would only be allowed so Much Influence on him from the Vice President's Role.
So the Turnouts Favored Democrats in almost every state except for in the South where Christian Values/Morals usually Vote Conservative NO MATTER WHAT.
They Still Showed up and Supported/Voted for McCain even though they knew that McCain probably wouldn't deliver the Conservative Principles he sometimes claimed to Champion like being Pro-Life and a Strong National Defense but Like I Mentioned earlier in this Note about Bush, We have Seen that before from Bush and he still hurt the Republican Party.

The Republican Party has had Many So Called "Moderates" try to lead this Nation and Our Party in the Past not based on talent or ability to lead but because they were considered "the guy next in line."
We've seen what Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney have all fallen Short.
They Failed us.
Those were the Moderate RINO Establishment's Dream Candidates Promising they were "The Only Candidates Who Could Win."
How Many Times are we going to fall for that line and hold our nose while voting for these Moderate RINO Establishment Candidates?
I'd Argue they've done More Harm to Conservatism and let America down by Not being Brave or Bold as Reagan was.

I Challenge these So Called "Moderates" to Show me Ten Universally Agreed Upon "Moderate" Positions on Important American Issues such as Strong National Defense, Pro-Life, Gay Marriage, Immigration, Gun Control, Economy, Big Government or Small Government, Big Spender or Fiscally responsible, Energy Independent or Environmental Friendly, Plans to Fix Social Security, Plans to Fix Medicare, Plans to Fix Medicaid, Education, and HealthCare.

Once I get these Answers to all of those Major Issues by So Called "Moderates" then I can take them Seriously as a Presidential Candidate.


Let's ALL Hope and Pray that GOD brings us a True Conservative Candidate to Follow and Support in 2016!
That is Really What America Needs Right Now More than Ever!
America Needs a Conservative in the mold of Ronald Reagan and Nothing else will do!
That is My Take on it......How about You?

The Best Way to Stimulate The Economy...Reagan's Way!

The Best Way to Stimulate the Economy would be for the Federal Government to Slash Capital Gains Taxes, Corporate Income Taxes, and the Individual Income Tax Rates, thereby increasing Liquidity available to Individuals and Businesses to Make Decisions about Their Own Economic Circumstances.

In 1981, President Ronald Reagan Championed the Passage of the Economic Recovery Tax Act (The Kemp-Roth Bill). It Cut individual Federal Income Tax Brackets by 25 percent, Phased Over Three Years, and Indexed the Rates against Inflation to Prevent Creeping Bracket Increases in Future Years. The Act also Instituted the Accelerated Cost Recovery System and a 10 Percent Investment Tax Credit, which led to a Substantial Increase in Capital Formation. The Goal was to Create Incentives by Removing Significant Government Barriers to Investment, Productivity, and Growth. The Result: Inflation Dropped from 13.5 percent in 1980 to 4.1 percent in 1988. Interest Rates dropped from 18 percent on a thirty-year fixed mortgage in 1981 to 8 percent in 1987; and Unemployment dropped from a peak near 10 percent in the recession of 1981-82 to 5.5 percent in 1989, once the full force of the tax cuts kicked in.* The Reagan economic program, based largely on free market principles, spurred economic prosperity that created, over the next twenty-five years, forty-three million jobs and $30 Trillion in wealth.
+ Source is: Editorial, "Still Morning in America," Wall Street Journal, Jan. 20, 2006, A14.

In The Free Market, A Man Born into Wealth or who has otherwise acquired Great Riches can lose his fortune depending on how he chooses to behave. Conversely, a Man Born into Poverty or who has lost wealth once obtained can acquire a fortune, depending, again, on how he chooses to behave. When the individual or even a large business makes a wrong decision, its impact is limited and more easily absorbed by the free market. However, when the Statist makes a wrong decision, its impact is far-reaching, for he uses the power of government to impose his decision on as many individuals and businesses as possible, which distorts the free market itself.

The Conservative understands that if America is to remain a vigorous, civil society in which the individual can continue to improve and progress, the forces arrayed against the free market must be interrupted and their course ultimately reversed. President Abraham Lincoln excapsulated it well when he said, "Property is the fruit of is a positive good in the world. That some should be rich shows that others may become rich, and hence is just the encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another; but let him labor diligently and build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built."
** Source is: Abraham Lincoln, "Reply to New York Workingmen's Democratic Republican Association, March 21, 1864," The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, ed. Roy P. Basler, vol 7 (New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, 1990), 259-60.

I'm Posting this in response to Democrats and RINO Repubicans Who keep trying to re-write history about President Reagan. Those who try to make him out to be a "Big Spender". History doesn't support that claim (lie). This Post explains the TRUTH and FACTS about Exactly what kind of Fiscal President Reagan Really Was. Enjoy this Education via Facebook post. :)
Bottom Line
is STOP with all of the Bailouts, Stimulus, Omnibus, TARP Etc. and give the Money back to the PEOPLE to Empower US to make Better Decisions with OUR OWN MONEY like WE DID Once before back in the Eighties from the Economic Recovery Tax Act, the Accelerated Cost Recovery System, and the Investment Tax Credit. America Should have Learned a Lessons from it's Own History when facing Economic Downturns of this Magnitude. This is NOT a first time America has faced times like this and Probably NOT the Last time either. How we faced it back in the early Eighties and how we are Facing it NOW is TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Obama and the Current Democratic Leaders in Washington are CHOOSING to follow closer to FDR's Recovery Model than Reagan's. Which is Sad and Tragic for Americans NOW living in America. It is OBVIOUS to ANYONE Who Lived and Survived the Early Eighties and SHOULD Know Better Fared FAR GREATER than those Who Suffered through and Survived the Prolonged Great Depression Era under FDR's Leadership. I am NO Genius or Rocket Scientist but MY GUESS and MY OPINION would be that if You Asked the People Who Survived through Rough Times in American History, Over 95% of them Would Favor President Reagan's Vision/Plan to Economic Recovery as opposed to FDR's or Obama's. That's Just My Guess/My Opinion though! Here is a Link to Show You the Difference of what Reagan faced and brought America through and what Obama faces today:

After Seeing that Chart and Reading ALL of the Above Evidence/Proof, it would be HARD (not impossible) to argue that Obama and the Current Democratic Majority in Washington doesn't have a Positive Model/Blueprint for Positive Results on HOW TO TURN AROUND THIS CURRENT ECONOMIC DOWNTURN AMERICA IS IN!!!! The Evidence/Proof is in the Facts. The Proof/Evidence has been Proven in Our History!! (not even more than 25 years ago)It's time Obama Stops looking to the past pointing blame at Bush and start giving America what they Voted him into office to do. Obama was supposed to Inspire Americans to Hope and Bring Sweeping Change but Instead WE GET NOTHING BUT MORE OF THE SAME!!!!! Give US a break and start doing YOUR Job Mr. President!! Americans are Literally SICK OF ALL OF THIS!!!!Here is My Last Link to a Graph that Shows just Exactly How Much Bush Spent and How Much Obama is Still Spending!

Thank You For Taking the Time to Read this Blog. Hopefully it Helps to clear up some stuff You weren't Sure about before but NOW have a Reference Point to look back to when Talking about American Economics.

Jeremy Buchanan on 4 - 5 - 2009

Why I Choose To Be A Conservative

Choosing to be a Conservative came Naturally for me. I did have to Grow up and Mature alittle first.
I wasn't Really into Politics for MOST of My Young Life. I Could Care Less Who the President was or what Congress was doing. It didn't Mean Anything to me. I just Lived My Life without a Caring about How laws were being Passed everyday that Effected My Life and Everyone's Life Around mine too.
I Didn't Really involve Myself with Politics until After the Attack of the World Trade Towers in New York City on Sept. 11th of 2001. I was Shocked and Horrified as were Most Americans on that day. It was a Rude Awakening to Say The Least. That Day Changed My Life Forever.
My Life has Never Been the Same Since.
I Was Impressed and Thankful to how President Bush and New York City's Mayor Rudolph Giuliani Handled Everything in the Aftermath of it all. I Became Much More Motivated to make Sure the Right Leader was Leading and DEFENDING Our Country to the VERY BEST of their Ability.
Years went by and I saw Bush keeping America Safe. The Bush Administration Vowed to Stay on Offense to those Who Still Wanted to Harm Americans instead of sitting back waiting for another Terrorist attack. Just watching Bush Working Hard and doing HIS BEST to Keep America Safe Convinced ME to Think that Bush was a Very Brave Man.I was Proud to give him another Four Years to Keep America Safe and Stay on Offense. I thought he was doing the Right Thing Protecting and Defending America.
That is ANY President's NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!
Presidents are COMMANDER IN CHIEF!
 Presidents are in charge of America's Military. The Best, Most Powerful and Dangerous Military in the Whole World. A United States President's Authority and Influence in the World IS something NOT to be taken lightly. An American President is THE MOST POWERFUL PERSON IN THE WORLD!
 It was during Bush's Campaign for Re-Election Against John Kerry that I really got involved and Wanted Bush to Succeed. I Mostly wanted Bush to Succeed for the reasons I already listed above. I also Liked Bush's Personality and the way he Carried himself. I still liked his Bravery and Courage to Stand up and Fight against Terrorists who Still Hate us and Want to Harm America. That was Important to ME. I thought it was Great that We Found Saddam in a Rat Hole and turned him over to the Iraqi People for Justice. That IS What He Got and That IS What He Deserved.

I Will be Honest with You about another reason why I voted to Re-Elect Bush for a Second Term. I Could NOT Stand John Kerry. I couldn't Find ONE Good Reason to Vote for him. I Couldn't find ONE Good Quality about him that I Liked or Admired or even Personally Connected to AT ALL. NOT EVEN ONE! So that was just one other reason to Vote for Bush as far as I was concerned. A Vote For Bush was a Vote AGAINST KERRY.
This probably doesn't sound NEW or Different to People Who have been following Politics or have been Politically Involved for A LOT Longer than Me but this is My Note about "Why I Choose to be a Conservative".
This is My Story and this is how I really came about following Politics and becoming More and More Politically Involved.
Now I Know by now Some Must be Reading this and thinking to themselves, Why does he keep going on and on talking about Bush for? President Bush was NOT a Strong Conservative Leader. Bush was Far From it but Bush did have a Few Conservative Principles he Held onto. Strong National Defense, Pro Life, Pro Family, Pro Marriage, Christian, and maybe a few More if he was LUCKY! But it wasn't Bush ALONE that Convinced ME to Consider MYSELF a Conservative.

It was also during Bush's Re-Election Run that I had Extra Time to Listen to Conservative Talk Radio for the first time in My Life! I DID Relate to Talk Radio and CONNECT with some of Talk Show Hosts I heard on the Radio. Sean Hannity was the First Talk Radio Personality I heard and is STILL to this day My Absolute Favorite Guy on ALL THINGS POLITICAL that I Like and find Myself Agreeing with MOST of the Time. After Listening to Sean for awhile, I found myself wanting to hear what other Talk Radio Personalities were saying. That Search Led me to Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Micheal Savage, Dennis Miller, Gordon Liddy, and Glenn Beck. I didn't really Bond with Michael Savage or Rush Limbaugh. I Don't DisAgree with them on Substance. I just couldn't handle their Talk Show Personalities. I Still do listen to the rest of the others like Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Gordon Liddy, Dennis Miller, and Glenn Beck.
After Consistanting Listening to Conservatitive Talk Radio almost Daily for at least SIX YEARS NOW. It IS Safe to say that I am HOOKED and a Political Junkie at this Point. I Could NOT Argue with You about that. It is Totally TRUE! My Wife Hates it but that's just is the way it IS NOW!It is like My EYES have been OPENED Politically and I HAVE Seen The LIGHT when it comes to what side I am on Politically. It was a NO BRAINER for me to see I NOW LEAN TO THE FAR RIGHT!
Here is what Conservatism is TO ME:

Conservatives Respect The U.S. Constitution.

Conservatives Have a Respect for Life.

Conservatives Want Less Government and MORE Personal Responsibility.

Conservatives are Passionate People Who Believe in Core Principles From The Heart.

Conservatives Support American Troops and ALWAYS Want a STRONG NATIONAL DEFENSE.

Conservatives Fight and Defend Liberty.

Conservatives are Pro-Life and Value EVERY INDIVIDUAL'S RIGHT TO LIFE.

Conservatives Believe in Small, Limited Government Control and Fight For More Power to The People.

Conservatives are More Traditional and "Old Fashioned" in their Belief of being Pro-Marriage or Pro-Family being between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN.

Conservatives want to Protect and Defend America's Borders fighting Against Illegal Immigration and Favoring a Border Fence WHERE EVER it is NEEDED.

Conservatives want their Politicians to be Fiscally Responsible.

Conservative Politicians SHOULD Fight to give back More Money to Americans because it's the People Who know how to spend their OWN Money Wisely. NOT THE GOVERNMENT!

Conservatives Believe in America Becoming and Maintaining Energy Independence.

Conservatives Recognise America's Huge Volume of Natural Resources that WE CAN and SHOULD be tapping into NOW!

Conservatives Believe in the Free Market/The Private Sector (The American People) because THAT IS America!

Conservatives believe in shrinking the Size of Government, Cutting Taxes and Avoiding Wasteful Government Spending (Especially Wasteful Government DEFICIT SPENDING)

Conservatives Think a Competitive Free Market would be a Much Better Way to "Fix" the Problems with America's Health Care System. Let Americans have Individual Health Savings Accounts, that includes "Catastrophic Insurance" for EVERY American, so People Can Control their Own Health care Choices! Not be Dictated to Which Doctors You can see by Washington Politicians Who Don't Know You Personally or Care about You!

Conservatives Want Parents to Have the Freedom to Choose where their Children get their Education instead of Government Mandating where they Want Your kids to go. I Support Vouchers allowing Parents to make that Choice!

Conservatives Want Supreme Court Judges Who Vow to Recognize that Their Job is to Interpret the Constitution, and NOT Legislate from the Bench!

Conservatives Believe in God and Believe WE were ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL Endowed with UnAilible Rights - Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness.

Conservatives Understand and Acknowledge America was Built on Christian Morals and Values when Building the Foundation of America.

Conservatives don't see American Citizens as Classes of People, Groups of People or Hyphinated Americans Conservatives See ALL Americans AS AMERICANS! Money, Race, Sex, Creed, Religion or Age have NOTHING to do with WHO YOU ARE!

Conservatives Always Want America to Succeed! Conservatives Want EVERY American to be the Best!

Conservatives are Naturally HAPPY People who Consistently Seek Out HAPPINESS in Their Life!

Conservatives are COMPETITIVE and WANT TO SUCCEED in EVERYTHING they do in Life!My Kind of Conservative Politician Won't Recognise "Global Warming" or "Climate Change" as anything More than a Religion. Some People Choose to Believe in "Global Warming" or "Climate Change", I Personally Believe that it IS still just a Choice to Believe in it or NOT! "Global Warming" aka "Climate Change" is NOT a PROVEN FACT and there is NO CONSENSUS of Scientists Who Truly can Prove it!

As a Side Note, I Also Favor ANY Politician Who Supports Enacting the Fair Tax!
I Do Believe that We NO Longer Want or Need the IRS!
The IRS SHOULD be Shut Down and Never Brought back into Power EVER Again!
A Fair Tax, to ME, Seems to be a MORE FAIR Way of Handling the Taxes the American Government Needs from it's Citizens!
These ARE MY Core Principles that I Value MOST!
It is These American Values that I Treasure and Choose to Stand Up For!
I Will Continue to Follow Conservative Leaders Who Stand For these Issues.
It is these Very Issues that ARE Worth Standing For!
I Hope You were Able to Read through this and See What I was trying to Say!
Please Write me and Let Me Know what You Think and How You Believe!