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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

JimDeMint: Obama:Border Fence 'Basically Complete' DHS:Only 5% Finished

JimDeMint: Obama:border fence "basically complete" DHS:only 5% finished

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The Difference Between Republicans and Democrats...This Needed to be Said

I Wrote this in Direct Response to Those I've Come Accross Lately Who Worry/Fear Both the Republican AND The Democrat Parties. This Note is a Reponse to those Who Say "There's NO Difference Between the Parties....They're Both Equally Corrupt!" or "Republicans & Democrats Can BOTH be Progressives!"


To Say Any of the Above Right Now When the Republican Party is Clearly in a State of Tranformation into a MORE Conservative Party through the Grassroots Energy of The Tea Party Movement, is Ignorant and Reckless.
A More Careful/Thoughtful Analysis of the Current Political Spectrum in Washington Would Clearly Show You a Republican Party that is FINALLY Fighting Back Against the Tyranny of Obama, Pelosi and Reid. With an Rare Exception of 3 RINOS/MODERATES in the Senate. The Republicans Have Unified their Positions & Holding the Line Against Obama, Pelosi & Reid's Radical Push to the LEFT! It's Clear as Day! It's Also Public Record & All over the News.
Republicans are even being Labeled/Branded "The Party of NO" and being in Favor of "The Status Quo" because of their Defiance.
If Conservatives Are EVER going to take back over the Control of Republican Party with another Reagan Style Conservative Revolution, Doesn't that Mean We All Need to Hunker Down & Focus Our Efforts in Uniting Around/Behind Strong, Solid, Articulate Conservative Candidates Who Are Willing to Take Leadership Positions Within the Party & Govern on Their Conservative Principles?
What's the Point of bashing ALL Republicans along with Bashing ALL of the Democrats?
What's the Point in doing that?
That's a Waste of Time and Effort.
America Doesn't Want a Third Party Candidate NOW.
America is a TWO PARTY SYSTEM. Like it or NOT, it IS What it IS!
Third Party Candidates haven't Succeeded Yet at Capturing a Fracture of the Popular Votes they Desperately Need to Win the Presidency. Not Even One of America's Most Famous/Popular Presidents Could Win Re-Election as a "Bull Moose" Candidate. I'm, of course Speaking of Teddy Roosevelt & He's ONE of FOUR Presidents on Mount Rushmore for Pete's Sake. Doesn't that tell You 3rd Party Candidate People Something? IT SHOULD!
What if We Gave up on Our Republican Party after Richard Nixon? What then?
We Would've NEVER Gotten Our Most Famous/Beloved/Popular President in Modern History in Ronald Wilson Reagan. That Would've been NOT Only Tragic to America & OUR Domestic History but also Felt Around the World. Reagan's Leadership While Leading Our Nation was Second to NONE! It was First Class ALL THE WAY. Nobody Lead Our Nation Better through Worse Times than Reagan did.
Reagan Faced Much Worse Times in the Early Eighties than Obama Faces Now.
Reagan's Answer wasn't to Rely on Government to bail the People Out but to CUT TAXES & Allow the People to Help themselves out. It Worked! Reagan was Successful at Creating Jobs, Business, Investments and Wealth because of HIS FAITH in Conservative Principles & the American People.

That's Foolishness! Nonsense Even! I Don't & Won't Accept that NOW or Ever!
When Reagan Faced the Recession that the Carter Administration's Policies Left for Him, DID REAGAN WANT TO RALLY BEHIND A THIRD PARTY OR SAY BOTH PARTIES WERE THE SAME?
NO! REAGAN Started a Conservative Revolution that Took TWO Decades to Build to a Peak in the Eighties when He Finally Beat Carter to Become Our President. Thank God for that. Thank God Reagan Never Gave up. Reagan Never Wavered. Reagan Stood on His Conservative Principles and Chanllenged His Other Fellow Republicans to Meet them as Well.
Have the Republicans Made Mistakes in the Past when they Gained the Majority in Power in the White House & in Congress? They Sure Have & they Sure Did.
SO! Do We Still Have Too Many Watered Down Moderate/RINOS in Our Republican Party? I'd SAY "YES! WE CERTAINLY DO!"
But Am I Going to Carpet Bomb and Hold ALL Republicans in the Party Accountable for What Some of the Weaker Candidates Have Done to Our Party in the Name of "BiPartisanship" or being a "Maverick"?
NO I'M NOT! Here's Why.....
The Republican Party is of itself the Party of the People NOT the Government. The Republican Party When it Abides by it's Conservative Principles is EXACTLY What the Founding Fathers Had in Mind When they Drafted the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Our Constitution.
So What's My Answer? As I Stated before Above:
We Need to Continue to Support/Endorse Conservatives Running for Office While at the Same Time Weeding out or Challenging the Weaker Moderate RINOS that aren't Carrying on the Conservative Principles that the Republican Party Caters to.
Let's be CLEAR and REAL about Our Mission!
Our Goal is a Valid/Just Goal!
It's NOT Impossible in this Policial Climate to Vote OUT those We Don't Like/Trust & Vote in the More Conservative Candidates Who We're More Happy/Comfortable with.
Quit Pointing Fingers at Everyone saying "Both Parties are the Same" & Other Like Nonsense.
Take it Upon Yourself to Do What YOU CAN DO to Get America on a More Conservative Track!
It's up to US Folks. Not Your Neighbors, Your Family, Friends or Co-Workers.
It's OUR DUTY as Registered Voters to Elect the RIGHT Kind of Quality People into Office. Not Anyone Elses.
So We Need to be Doing Our Best EVERYDAY to Help Explain Our Conservative Principles to Others.
Help Others to Raise their Awareness of How Important Conservatism is and Why it's SO Vital to Saving this Country We Love SO MUCH!
As a Conservative Republican Who Stands on My Principles. I Don't Just Talk the Talk but I Walk the Walk.
I Don't Just Watch the Local News at Night or Follow Fox News During the Day but I Also Listen to Local Talk Radio as Well as Mark Levin EVERY DAY!! EVERY DAY PEOPLE!
I Understand that is a Commitment that Many Can't Make due to their Personal Lives but I Can & Do Daily!
I'm Not Breaking My Hand patting Myself on the back for staying Well informed but I'm doing My Very BEST to Educate Myself & Others around Me ALL OF THE TIME as MUCH AS POSSIBLE with the Knowledge I Recieve through the News, Talk Radio and Posts I Get online.
We've GOT to be the Paul Revere's of Our Neighborhoods. Each and Every Single one of US!
The Enemy isn't Coming, they're Already HERE and trying their Hardest to Break Down the Walls of the Constitution Changing America into a Foreign Country that our Ancestors Wouldn't Recognise if they Were Still Alive today.
Now that's A Shame.
Bottomline. Quit Saying "Both Parties are the Same" or "There's No Difference Between the Parties." That's SO NOT TRUE. False on the Face of those Statements. More Proof?
The Republicans are the Party of NO when it comes to Slavery and Segregation. Not the Democrats.
Sometimes Like RIGHT NOW, Being the Party of NO is the RIGHT THING TO BE!
Let's Stop Bashing/Hating on the Republicans Right Here and NOW because as Far as I Can See they're Holding the Line RIGHT NOW. If they Weren't We Could Already Have Cap-and-Trade and Amnesty or Worse because the Statist (Obama) is Never Happy with What they Get & Always Want MORE AND MORE OF YOUR FREEDOMS & LIBERTY. A STATIST NEVER STOPS!
So We Must Continue to Fight BACK Against this Soft Tyranny that Can Turn Into a Hard Tyranny in a Blink of an Eye if We're NOT Careful.
Let's Smarten up People. Choose a Side. Let's Continue to Take the Fight to these Leftists & Defeat them as often & as Many Times as it Takes!
Who's With Me?

Setting the Record Straight about Which Party is More Racist

Which Party did Abraham Lincoln belong to?

Was Lincoln for or against slavery?

Which Party's Majority Overwhelmingly Voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964's the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?

Example: "The Republican Party was not so badly split as the Democrats by the civil rights issue. Only one Republican senator participated in the filibuster against the bill. In fact, since 1933, Republicans had a more positive record on civil rights than the Democrats. In the twenty-six major civil rights votes since 1933, a majority of Democrats opposed civil rights legislation in over 80 % of the votes. By contrast, the Republican majority favored civil rights in over 96 % of the votes."

"the Senate passed the bill by a 73 to 27 roll call vote. Six Republicans and 21 Democrats held firm and voted against passage. In all, the the 1964 civil rights debate had lasted a total of 83 days, slightly over 730 hours, and had taken up almost 3,000 pages in the Congressional Record."-

Or 1965's Voting Rights Act
Senate: 77–19
Democrats: 47–17 (73%-27%) 17 Dems Voted AGAINST it!!
Republicans: 30–2 (94%-6%) Only 2 Republicans Voted Against it.
House: 333–85
Democrats: 221–61 (78%-22%) 61 Dems Voted AGAINST IT!!
Republicans: 112–24 (82%-18%) Only 24 Republicans Voted Against it.

Conference Report:
Senate: 79–18
Democrats: 49–17 (four Southern Democrats voted in favor: Albert Gore, Sr., Ross Bass, George Smathers and Ralph Yarborough).

Including Al Gore's Dad. That is Sick and Wrong!!

Republicans: 30–1 (the lone nay was Strom Thurmond; John Tower who did not vote was paired as a nay vote with Eugene McCarthy who would have voted in favor.)
House: 328–74

Sure Looks Like the Republicans were MORE FOR Equal Rights than Democrats by these Numbers. (Actual votes on the Bill)

Democrats: 217–54 54 Dems Voted AGAIST it!!
Republicans: 111–20 Only 20 Republicans Voted Against it.

The Republican Party formed by abolitionists in 1854 took bold steps in securing freedoms for former slaves.

The PROUD history of the Republican Party:

As Soon as the Democrats Were in control of Congress and many of the southern state governments the Democrats once again stripped away the rights African Americans wouldn't again fully achieve until the civil rights movement of the 1960's.

- In 1865, Congressional Republicans unanimously backed the 13th Amendment, which made slavery unconstitutional. Among Democrats, 63 percent of senators and 78 percent of House members voted: "No."

- In 1866, 94 percent of GOP senators and 96 percent of GOP House members approved the 14th Amendment, guaranteeing all Americans equal protection of the law. Every congressional Democrat voted: "No."

- February 28, 1871: The GOP Congress passed the Enforcement Act, giving black voters federal protection.

- February 8, 1894: Democratic President Grover Cleveland and a Democratic Congress repealed the GOP's Enforcement Act, denying black voters federal protection.

- October 16, 1901: GOP President Theodore Roosevelt invited to the White House as its first black dinner guest Republican educator Booker T. Washington.

- January 26, 1922: The U.S. House adopted Rep. Leonidas Dyer's (R., Mo.) bill making lynching a federal crime. Filibustering Senate Democrats killed the measure.

- Until 1935, every black federal legislator was Republican. America's first black U.S. Representative, South Carolina's Joseph Rainey, and our first black senator, Mississippi's Hiram Revels, both reached Capitol Hill in 1870. On December 9, 1872, Louisiana Republican Pinckney Benton Stewart "P.B.S." Pinchback became America's first black governor.

- August 17, 1937: Republicans opposed Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Supreme Court nominee, U.S. Senator Hugo Black (D., Al.), a former Klansman who defended Klansmen against race-murder charges.

- September 24, 1957: Eisenhower deployed the 82nd Airborne Division to desegregate Little Rock's government schools over the strenuous resistance of Governor Orval Faubus (D., Ark.).

- May 6, 1960: Eisenhower signs the GOP's 1960 Civil Rights Act after it survived a five-day, five-hour filibuster by 18 Senate Democrats.

- November 2, 1983: President Reagan established Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday as a national holiday, the first such honor for a black American.

- President Reagan named Colin Powell America's first black national-security adviser while GOP President George W. Bush appointed him our first black secretary of state.

Facts are from Deroy Murdock who is an advisory board member of Project 21, a Washington-based network of black free-market advocates

Racism in the Democratic Party:

The Democrats were the fountainhead of American white supremacy, after the Civil War. Everything on this video is accurate and true.

NBRA Martin Luther King Was A Republican:

National Black Republican Association (NBRA) Radio Advertisements

Republican For A Reason:

The Republican National Committee's newest web video, reminding us all why we are Republican - and proud Americans.

Which Party is More Extreme? Watch this Video!

I May be Wrong but I do Believe My History is RIGHT about Republicans. More Republicans have Supported CIVIL RIGHTS Historically than Democrats. History is on the Side of REPUBLICANS NOT Democrats.

Please try to refrain from "Dissing", "Slamming" or "Labeling" Republcians as "Racist" in the Future.

As I've Clearly Shown above. It's been the Republican Party that Overwhelmingly Supports Civil Rights in this Nation NOT the Democrats. End of Story. The Votes Speak for themselves.

Who's Trying to Rewrite History? I think it's Liberal Democrats NOT Conservative Republicans.

Prove Me Wrong. I Dare You!