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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

marklevinshow: GAO: Key elements of border security not in place

SenTedCruz: Q: How does cosmetic piece of plastic turn hunting rifle into "dangerous" assault weapon? A: It doesn't:

TheRightScoop: More video of Muslims performing sharia law patrols in England

SenTedCruz: We need a serious debate about the Second Amendment. Here are my thoughts from hearing earlier today:

RedState: A Rejoinder to Senator Rubio on Illegal Immigration

RepDavid: AZ's the place to be! Because of high taxes, families, biz are fleeing CA for greener Scottsdale

TheRightScoop: Ted Cruz schools Senate on gun violence, introduces facts in a 'fact free zone'
AmericanThinker: Reid refuses to endorse assault weapons ban legislation

RedState: South Carolina School Choice

RepDavid: NOD: 0.1. Politico rprtd 2day 'economy contracted by 0.1% in 4th qrtr, the 1st time growth is neg since mid-2009.'

AmericanThinker: Conservatives should give Rubio a chance on immigration reform

AmericanThinker: Economy contracts in 4th quarter by 0.1%

TheRightScoop: Michelle Malkin: Amnesty gang throws law-abiders under the bus

AmericanThinker: Video: Skeeters? CNN Insinuates Obama is Lying About His Skeet Shooting Hobby #tcot

AmericanThinker: Surprise! It's a Federal Invasion

RepTomPrice: Today's disappointing GDP # proves need for pro-growth policies that get economy growing, Americans back to work & avoid a debt crisis.

TheRightScoop: Rick Santelli on GDP shrinkage: "We have become Europe!"

TheRightScoop: US economy shrinks, 1st time in 3 ? years

RedState: Amnesty and the Welfare State
CongHuelskamp: The U.S. economy shrinks but President Obama and Democrats still want to increase taxes and spending. Backward