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Monday, February 11, 2013

marklevinshow: Ken Cuccinelli running for VA Governor

marklevinshow: Obama drives the decline of America, he comes China...

marklevinshow: Republicans who oppose spending cuts must be defeated

TheRightScoop: UGH: Obama and Dems inviting victims of gun violence to SOTU, including girl from Newtown

RedState: Gov. Kasich Enlists Socialized Medicine Lobbyists to Help Implement Obamacare

TheRightScoop: "Let's get this done" - Gabby Giffords comes out with new ad for gun control

TheRightScoop: MUST WATCH - An ominous warning from Canada: Gun registration WILL lead to gun confiscation

SenTedCruz: Pope Benedict will be dearly missed. My prayers are with Catholics in TX & worldwide during this momentous transition:

TheRightScoop: Obama's Interior Secretary pick says Americans need to pay for the consequences of using carbon

AmericanThinker: China now #1 in trade

SenTedCruz: Obama's increasing reliance on executive orders to push policy and skirt congressional deliberation is worrisome:

AmericanThinker: In for a penny, in for a trillion bucks

AmericanThinker: Predictable: Medicaid expansion will cause massive doctor shortage in CA

RedState: Cutting Spending - Washington Style

AmericanThinker: 'The Absentee Commander in Chief'

TheRightScoop: Roger Ailes: Obama is 'trying to get everybody to hate each other'

TheRightScoop: MUST READ: The man who shot and killed Osama bin Laden

TheRightScoop: Conservatives Should Take the Lead Against Government Injustice

AmericanThinker: Pope Benedict in shock resignation

TheRightScoop: The new American dream: How the Entitlement Society just sucks you in and keeps you