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Monday, September 28, 2009

Don't Step on My Conservative Toes!

There's Are Conservatives Around Town Claiming that Conservatism is a" Product" to be "Sold" to the Masses like a "Product on tv".

I Fundamentally Disagree with this Assement and Comparison.
Conservatism is NO "Pitch" or "Hustle" or a "Product" to be Sold.

The Reason Conservatism is NOT a "Product" to be "Sold" is Because Conservatism is Based on Principled Philosophy Individuals Choose to Live their Personal Life by.

It's NOT a Game or Ploy Something Someone Buys from an Infomercial.

That is just a Ridiculous Comparison. It Cheapens what Conservatism is.

Conservatism is Much BIGGER Than that. It's a Way of Life.

An Individual's Choice of How They Live Their Life is Deeply Personal Made with Strong Convictions. Not to be Taken Lightly or Compared to Infomercials or Fast Food Products. It Takes People Years of Study and Self Education to Subscribe to Conservatism or Liberalism.

It's Foolish to Think or Say Otherwise.

As Such, this is NO TIME to be Attacking or "BLOGGING" about other Active Conservatives Who Are Faced with Daily Opposition.

Conservatives have a Hard Enough Time Defending their Point of View to Liberals.
Conservatism is NO Hype!

It’s NOT a Product to be “Sold”

No Salesmanship is Needed or Required to Sell a Quality Principled Philosophy that Stands on the Shoulders of the founding Fathers Then Carried on through the Years by Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.

Now Conservative Talk Radio Show Hosts Like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck and Gordon G Liddy do Most of the Heavy Lifting but Conservatism hasn't Changed over ALL of these Many Years.

Nobody is reinventing Conservatism or should be.

Conservatism is Timeless and Classic.

It doesn’t need to be Tweaked or "Repackaged" to Anybody.

Conservatism sells itself.

The Truth and Facts convict a Person to Commit to One Political Philosophy or Another.

I Openly and Outright Reject this!

The Principles of Conservatism speaks for itself and Defends it’s own Philosophy.

If Self Described “independents” or So Called “Moderates” Supposedly still wants to argue with You & Call You Names or Labels, they’re Obviously NOT Interested in being Converted to a More Conservative Point of View.

They’re Out Looking for a Fight and an Easy Target to have a Fun Moment with at Your Expense. These Same People are what Mark Levin Calls “Drones” or “Lemmings” or “Kool-Aide Drinkers”. They’re NOT going to be Won Over by being Ignored or Laughed at as Some Have Suggested.

I’m in the Camp and Strongly Believe We Do Need to Defend Conservatism to Whoever Attacks it. I Believe Conservatism is Worth Defending. I’m NOT Talking about a Violent Defense or Ugly Political Debates but a Civil Discussion of How and Why You Believe in the Conservative Point of View.

That's a Discussion and Debate Always Worth Having in My Book! ALWAYS!

We as Conservatives Have NOTHING to Hide or be Ashamed of about Our Conservative Philosophy!

How Does Defending Your Conservative Point of View You Deeply and Passionately Believe in a Bad or Wrong Thing?

Conservatives Should NOT be "Eating their Own" or "Preaching" to other Conservatives about Approach, Tone or Tact but More Supportive ESPECIALLY When Conservatives are in the Minority Party Right Now and Fighting to Take Back the Republican Party that is Rightfully OURS!

This Internal Fighting and Bickering Needs to STOP!

It's NOT Helping Our Conservative Cause but IS Stunting the Growth of other New Conservatives Who See this and Will be Afraid to Stand up or Speak out against Personal Attacks due from lack of Support from Our Own People.

That's NOT Right!

Let Conservatives be Conservatives!

Let's Embrace Each Other and Support Each Other's Personal Battles Each of us Face Each Day. Not Attack, Call Out or try to Silence or Belittle those of us Who Have Already Stood up and Choose to Continue to Speak out Against Opposition.

These Conservative Brothers and Sisters Need ALL of the Loyalty and Support they can get these Days.
That's What I Think!
This is Where I Stand!

The Time for trying to Stand out and be a Superstar Conservative is NOT as Important as Defending Other Conservatives Who Face Daily Confrontations and Choose to Stand up, Speak Out and Defend their Conservative Point of View.

How about You?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jesse Kelly is a Proud Conservative Who Wants Limited Government, Fiscal Sanity and Free Market Solutions

As a United States Marine Corps combat veteran, Jesse Kelly led a squad of Marines while deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was honorably discharged in August 2004 after four proud years of service.

After serving our country, Jesse moved on to work in the family construction business in Tucson, AZ. Managing multi-million dollar infrastructure projects for state and local governments, his duties include: estimating, scheduling, budget analysis, and human resource management.

Jesse's wife Aubrey attended the University of Arizona on a gymnastics scholarship graduating with a degree in Accounting. Jesse and Aubrey are proud parents of their infant son James. Their family attends Alive Christian Fellowship Church of Tucson.

Jesse Kelly is proud to announce the following endorsements:

•Former Congressman and Chairman of House Armed Services Committee, Duncan L. Hunter
•Congressman Trent Franks, AZ-2
•Congressman Marsha Blackburn, TN-7
•Congressman Frank Wolf, VA-10
•Congressman John Shimkus, IL-19
•Congressman Duncan D. Hunter, CA-52
•Former Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr.
•Lieutenant General Robert B. Johnston, USMC (Ret.)
•Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Horne
•Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, LD-18
•Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio
•Town of Marana Councilwoman, Roxanne Ziegler
•Town of Sahuarita Councilwoman, Kara Egbert
•Thomas C. Rustici, PhD - Professor of Economics at George Mason University
•Dr. Jane Orient, Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
•Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, Founder and Medical Director of Her Place: Health Enhancement and Renewal for Women
•Arizona State Coordinator of Smart Girl Politics, Karen MacKean
•912 Candidate
•Warriors for Congress
•Combat Veterans for Congress PAC
•Iraq Veterans for Congress PAC
•One Nation PAC
•Team America PAC
- Conservative Talk Radio Show Host Mark "The Great One" Levin has also Publicly Endorsed Jesse Kelly on His #3 Nationally Snydicated Radio Show with Link Posted to Mark's Own Webpage Linking to Jesse's. AWESOME!
On the Issues

Taxes and Spending
We must keep taxes low on both individuals and corporations in order to grow our economy and compete in the global marketplace. I support stopping the bailouts and letting the free markets work.

The incumbent portrays herself as a fiscal conservative but she supported the stimulus and the massive debt creating budgets enacted by our current administration. I will work to stop debt creating stimulus spending and reduce the size and scope of our government.

We need an "all of the above" strategy with regard to energy, including but not limited to: oil, natural gas, clean coal, wind, solar, and nuclear power. While I support the development of alternative and renewable energy I believe the free market should dictate how and when these sources are brought to market, not the heavy hand of the government. Preserving our current supply of energy will allow for affordable energy in the interim as new technologies begin to emerge.

America has vast reserves of energy supplies that are being withheld from use because of political agendas. Unleashing these resources would lower energy costs, lower dependency on foreign sources and increase domestic employment. I support developing our domestic resources in order to increase our economic and political security.

The purpose of an education system should be to teach our children the knowledge and skills they will need to live as free and productive citizens. We should start focusing on how to best accomplish this and worrying less about whether the building is publicly or privately owned. I support school choice efforts and home schooling in addition to a well funded and effective public school system.

Our borders must be secured and America needs an increased presence along our borders in order to halt drug trafficking and gang violence.

Health Care
I oppose Obama-care and the rationing of health care. We must reform tort laws to lower health care costs for all Americans. I support a "health care court" in lieu of the current lottery system that encourages egregious lawsuits in order to stop defensive medicine and rising malpractice costs.

The FDA needs to be restructured in order to lower the cost of life-saving pharmaceutical drugs. I support an increase in the amount allowed into tax-free health savings accounts.

We should enable insurance companies to sell health insurance across state lines, as they do car and life insurance.We should allow small businesses to band together in order to increase their purchasing power and reduce their costs.

We need to crack down on Medicare and Medicaid fraud, saving us hundreds of millions a year.

Finally, we should allow individuals to be able to pay for insurance premiums through their own private, health savings accounts, with the same type of tax incentives that corporations have.

Sanctity of Human Life
I support and will defend life from conception to natural end.

Second Amendment
The Second Amendment of the Constitution is not just about hunting. It is about the right of a free people to defend themselves which is why I am a strong supporter of the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.

National Defense
We live in a time when our enemies test nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles capable of reaching American interests. Terrorists continue to plot attacks against America and her interests. We must fully fund our nation's military and ensure the men and women in uniform have the tools, training, and care they need and deserve.

Our government has a constitutional obligation to protect its citizens. Border security needs to be a top National Defense priority. I am committed to fully funding vital military systems such as missile defense and upgrading our fighter and bomber fleets.

Jesse Kelly Wants Limited Government. Fiscal Sanity. Free Market Solutions.

Jesse Kelly's Campaign Message is "Send a Warrior to Congress"

That's Exactly What I Want to Do Too! I Sure Hope this Note/Blog Helps You Get to Know and More Importantly Support Jesse Kelly in His Bid to Unseat Rep. Gabrielle Giffords for Congressional District 8's Seat in Congress Next Year in 2010!

Jesse Kelly on the Air with Mark Levin as a Special Guest.
Here is Where You Can See Jesse Kelly's Webpage Linked to The Mark Levin Show on Mark's Webpage!
Moe Lane of thinks Jesse Kelly is the Best Candidate Who Can Defeat Rep Giffords. Thx Redstate. I Agree!
America's Sheriff, Maricopa County's Sheriff Joe Arpio is Endorsing Jesse Kelly for Tucson's District 8 Congress Seat!
Jesse Kelly is Proud to now be endorsed by Rep. Marsha Blackburn, TN-7.
Jesse Kelly was Recently Interviewed by Political Commentator, Sher Zieve, published by Canada Free on PressAug 31, 2009. Read that Interview Here at this Link:

Jesse Kelly Held a Pancake Breakfast and Fundraising Event - Green Valley/Sahuarita on Saturday, September 19thAug 28, 2009. Read More about this Event at:

Jesse Kelly was on Interviewed on the "G. Gordon Liddy Show" on Hour 3 from August 25, 2009.Hear this 3rd Hour Interview at:

Jesse Kelly Continues to Keep the Pressure on his Opponent rep. Gabrielle Giffords by Holding both a Local and National Campaign against his November Incumbant. Articles have been Written about Jesse Kelly in Support of Jesse Kelly on Nationally Known Websites such as The Drudge, and

Jesse Kelly's Interview with Moe Lane is at:

Jesse Kelly's Article is at:

Other Great YouTube Videos of Jesse Kelly Can be Seen at:Jesse Kelly on his Opponent Gabby Giffords and Health Care Reform

Jesse Kelly on Obamanomics

Jesse Kelly Town Hall, August 13, 2009, Green Valley

Jesse Kelly on the American Dream

Arizona Public Media had this Interview with Jesse Kelly on August 18, 2009

Jesse Kelly is also a Frequent Guest and Caller to Tucson's Number 1 Talk Radio Show The Jon Justice Show on 104.1 The Truth which Airs Monday through Friday 6-9am. You Can Hear Some of his Interviews and Phone Calls Here at Justice on Demand:
“He is the perfect candidate.” “... a solid conservative, somebody who is serious about the issues that matter to us.”
- Mark Levin, Radio Talk Show Host and Best Selling Author

“Jesse Kelly reminds me of Barry Goldwater.”
- Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst

“Jesse Kelly has an excellent understanding of economics. His leadership will rebuild our economy.”
-Thomas C Rustici Ph.D., Professor of Economics, George Mason University

“Kelly has already been willing to be more direct and articulate in his criticisms of Giffords than any of her previous rivals ever have been …”
-Daniel Scarpinato, Arizona Daily Star

If You Liked this Note/Blog about Jesse Kelly and Want to Help Support His Campaign.
Please Send Campaign Donations to:P.O. Box 89520 • Tucson, AZ 85752
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