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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TheRightScoop: Greg Gutfeld: "Rumors of the Republican Party's death have been greatly exaggerated"

AmericanThinker: Cartoons: -- Obama's Balanced Approach --

AmericanThinker: Cartoons: Obama: "Don't blame me! Someone's got to make the decisions around here!"

AmericanThinker: Cartoons: Cruz Missile: Stealth Republicans Launch a T.E.D. #tcot

AmericanThinker: McConnell may see Tea Party challenge in primary

AmericanThinker: Nebraska GOP Senator Mike Johanns to retire

TheRightScoop: PROPAGANDA - Georgia Elementary School class verse "Obama our children could fly."

RedState: Van Jones and His "Friends" of The Environment.

SenTedCruz: Visiting one of nation's finest rifle manufacturers, LaRueTactical, for press conference on defending 2nd Amendment

TheRightScoop: How Muslim proselytizing is creeping into public schools

RedState: Think Differently: 'Escalating Actions' - Union Mobilization Manual Calls For Picketing Homes

AmericanThinker: China denounces report accusing it of cyberwar attacks on USA

TheRightScoop: Chris Christie: "I'm not much different from Andrew Cuomo..."

RedState: S.E. Cupp, Straw Men, and Missing the Point About Rush Limbaugh.

RedState: Scott Walker's Obamacare Compromise

RedState: Barack Obama to actively campaign against the sequester THAT HE HIMSELF PROPOSED.

TheRightScoop: Colorado House passes strong gun control measures - now on to the Senate

TheRightScoop: Secupp says she's no apologizing for her attack on Rush

AmericanThinker: Simpson-Bowles Redux

TheRightScoop: Obama admits his policies are making energy more expensive

AmericanThinker: Colorado Dem says women don't need guns to protect themselves from rape

RedState: The Time to End Agriculture Dependency is Now