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Friday, July 3, 2009

Reagan, Obama and the Sign of the Times Ahead!

What an frustrating time it is to be a conservative living in America today.
The America I knew when I was growing up is trying to change into something foreign that I find harder and harder to identify myself with.
I grew up during the Reagan Years. I Have such great memories of President Ronald Wilson Reagan.
President Reagan left such a huge impression on me.
I naturally thought every president would be like him. To me, anything and everything was possible to Reagan as long as it was God's Will and good for the American people.
Reagan relied on the strength of the American people to defeat evil while he was our Commander in Chief.

Reagan was America's most popular President over the last 40 plus years. Reagan won two massive landslide victories. They weren't even close. Reagan first smoked Jimmy Carter in 1980 with 90.89% of the electoral votes or 489 electoral votes to Carter's 49 and then went on to spank Walter Mondale in 1984 with 58.8% Carrying 49 states to a total of 525 electoral votes to Mondale's pathetic 13 electoral votes. That is what a true landslide really is. Not even close. Leaving no doubt. Reagan was America's President.*

*Reagan’s 1980 Election Results -
*Reagan’s 1984 Election Results -

Compare that with what Obama calls his victory over Sen. John McCain in 2008 with only 52.7% to McCain's 46%. A difference of only 6% is NOT a mandate or a landslide Reagan-like Victory. Obama was just able to get a few more woman to vote for him with 56% to McCain's 43% and the younger crowd took to Obama more than McCain as well with 18-27 year old voting 66% For Obama to 32% for McCain. It was much closer in almost every other demographic which include men, voters older than 27.+

+Obama’s Election Results -

My point is that Obama is NO Ronald Reagan. Obama's victory over McCain was weak and pathetic compared to Reagan's beat down on Carter and Mondale! Obama didn't receive a mandate or win in a landslide like Reagan did. In Fact, just the opposite is true. America was lost and confused. America decided to give the young, hip, fresh faced junior Senator from Illinois with a nice smile who played basketball and has a lovely eamily and NO executive experience a shot at the World's most powerful office since Republicans decided to run their most moderate candidate. That was a gamble the Republicans made and lost. Now every American (Republican or Democrat) is paying the price.

America is eagerly waiting another Reagan Presidency.

Some may have thought Obama would be that kind of President. Obama did run his campaign with key Conservative (popular) promises that he's already broken. His first more Conservative promise that Obama broke was his promise to allow everyone to see and read each and every single bill that lands on his desk to stay on his desk for at least a minimum of five days before signing it into law. That way everyone could read it, critic it and have an open and honest debate about it before it just gets signed into law. Obama wasted no time at all breaking that promise within his first few days of office. Obama has yet to allow a bill to sit on his desk for more than three days before signing it into law. That was just his first promise of many he'd go on to break.

The next and biggest promise Obama has broke was his promise to NOT raise anyone's taxes if you don't make more than $250,00 a year or more. Obama promised that 95% of Americans will not see their taxes raised while he is our President. Obama has passed cigarette taxes and plans to sign a cap and trade climate bill with many multiple tax increases in it. Obama also now favors a national sales tax to help pay for his Health Care Refrom Bill. Who knows when all of these taxes, fines, fees etc will ever end or stop or if they even can at this point with this radical liberal at the wheel leading our country into a soft tyranny which can then lead us into Socialism.

We have come a long way from the founders and framers of our constitution. They would have never allowed themselves to be ruled by a King again. That was the whole point of coming here and starting all over again. The Founders made America into something special. A "Shining City Upon a Hill" as Reagan said on January 25Th 1974. *1

*1 Reagan’s “Shining City Upon a Hill” Speech -,%20papers/quo...

Our Founding Fathers did create a very special place here. The Constitution they drafted on May 14Th 1787 was a document that was like no other in it's day or even today. That document separated our government from everyone else. America was unique and still is today. Despite the bumps and bruises and changes America had to make along the way, America continues to be a beacon of hope to billions around the World. Nobody else in the whole entire World enjoys our freedom or our liberty like WE DO! No other country in the World has as great of governing system in place like America does. America's free market and private sector is the envy of the World.

Freedom and liberty are NOT free! They came with a steep price. Many brave soldiers fought and died to protect our Civil Society we now love and enjoy. It's all due to the blood, sweat and lives of the brave men and women in the United States military who bravely fought wars in foreign countries to help/support our way of life. Our quality of life and standard of living is all due to their efforts. We honor and appreciate our troops for what they do.

My Conservative Conscience tells me that there is hope ahead in 2014 and again in 2016. America is waking up. America been herself lately. When America awakens in 2014 and 2016. I see a huge Conservative Revolution much like Newt Gingrich's rise to power as Speaker of the House in 1994 with His Contract For America or Bush's House and Congress Majority in 2004.

I still believe that America is right leaning Conservative. It needs to be to survive as the Founding Fathers intended. The National Gallop Poll Survey taken on June 15Th earlier this year proves that 40% of Americans polled identified themselves as "Conservatives" as Opposed to 35% "Moderates" or 21% calling themselves "Liberals".*2

*2 “Conservatives” Are Single-Largest Ideological Group in national Gallup Poll Surveys -

This Gallup Poll, Mark Levin's Book LIBERTY AND TYRANNY: A CONSERVATIVE MANIFESTO's Success of 13 of 14 Weeks on Top of the New York Times Best Sellers List without a Word of Praise or Mention from the Mainstream Media is Insane and Unheard of, Prop 8 in CA Passed by the Majority of CA Voters being UpHeld by CA's Supreme Court, CA Voters Voting Against Every Tax Increase on May 20TH 2009.

There are still a few bright shining stars in the Republican party that we can look to in the future. These stars include Marco Rubio, Ted Stevens, Rand Paul, Allen West, Sarah Palin, Mike Lee and Tim Scott. There are more I did not name or list here but I am keeping a watchful eye on them for now. Conservative talk radio ratings are as high or higher than ever! Conservative authors like Mark Levin, Jedidah Bila, Monica Crowley, Katie Pavlich, Laura Ingraham and Glenn Beck are selling best-selling books like never before!
ALL positive signs of a Conservative Revolution coming in 2014 and again in 2016!

I'm posting this in response to democrats and RINO Repubicans Who keep trying to re-write history about President Reagan. Those who try to make him out to be a "Big Spender". History doesn't support that claim (lie). This Post explains the TRUTH and FACTS about Exactly what kind of fiscal President Reagan Really was. Enjoy this education via Facebook post. Smile

Like I said in the very beginning of this blog. This is a very frustrating time to be a Conservative. Please stay positive! Remain hopeful! Pray! Keep the Faith!

America will find her true Conservative self again in 2014 and again in 2016!

America IS The Land of The Free!

America IS The Home of the Brave!

God Bless America!

My Home Sweet Home!