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Sunday, February 24, 2013

RedState: Center for American Progress's silly Social Security sequester small-ball.

SenTedCruz: Great analysis of most troubling divide in US politics-not Dem vs GOP, but the people vs entrenched DC ruling class:

RedState: Just the Fracks, Ma'am

AmericanThinker: Left wing blueprint exposed

AmericanThinker: Doctor shortage in FLwill get worse with Gov. Scott's Medicaid decision

AllenWest: Gun control = black people control. History repeats itself

AmericanThinker: Will Texas go blue? Rick Perry says 'no way'

AmericanThinker: Top 20 most embarrassing moments in the history of the Democratic party

SenTedCruz: Spoke w/ CBNNews to discuss my faith & fight to protect all w/ which America's been blessed. Hope you'll read & RT: