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Monday, August 10, 2009

The "40 Million Uninsured Americans" and Health Care Reform Bill HR3200

I Do Want to Shed Some Light on the Issue of the 46.6 Million People that the Census Bureau Reported on in 2006.
Every Liberal Democrat in favor of this Health Care Reform keeps Repeating in Support for Needing this Bill NOW!
It’s a LIE! Totally NOT True!
Here is the Facts from that Same Census Bureau Report from 2006:
About 9.5 Million were NOT United States Citizens!
Another 17 Million Lived in Households with Incomes Exceeding $50,000 a Year and Could, Presumably, Purchase their Own Health Care Coverage!
Another 18 Million of the 46.6 Million of the “Uninsured” were Between the Ages of 18-24.
Most of whom were in Good Health and Not Necessarily in Need of Health-Care Coverage or Chose Not to Purchase it!
Only 30% of the Nonelderly Population Who Became Uninsured in a given year remained uninsured for more than 12 Months!
Almost 50% Regained Their Health Coverage with 4 Months!
The 47 Million “Uninsured” Figure used by Pelosi and others is Widely Inaccurate!
So I Don’t Want to hear that America’s Health Care System is Horrible and Needs to be Controlled by the Government!
That Would be the Absolute Worst Thing Americans Could Do to Themselves!
My Personal Opinion is that We Need Free-Market Solutions to the problems facing the Health care industry, and will vigorously oppose any efforts to "Nationalize Health care".

Health Care Reform Would be Helpful and Needed but NOT this Current Health Care Reform Bill HR3200.
I Still Think there are FREE MARKET SOLUTIONS America Should Do before Handing over Control of the Health Care System to Politicians/Bureaucrats in DC!
I'd Hate to see just How BAD Our Health Care System Would be Politicized!

If You Think it's Bad Now...Just Wait Until Government Controls Your Health Care!

These are THREE Bills that have Free Market Solutions that the Republicans are sponsoring:

The 1st Republican Alternative Health Care Reform Bill that I Personally Favor the Most is Sponsored by SC's Sen. Jim DeMint Health Care Freedom Plan!
Could be Effective Immediately and Would Most Definately Help Bring Down the Costs of Health Care For ALL Americans!
Don't Just Take My Word For it Though, Click on these Links I Provide and Read about it For Yourself!!
Jim DeMint’s Health Care Freedom Plan - S. 1324 = 82 Pages Long!
Jim DeMint's Health Care Freedom Plan DOES Have Tort Reform in it! You Can See Why I Like it! :)
Qualified Health Insurance Credit;
Specific Language Preventing illegal Aliens from Qualifying as Eligible for a Health Insurance Credit;
Improvements on Health Savings Accounts;
Healthcare Liability Reform to Prevent Baseless Lawsuits While Ensuring those Who Suffer True Harm Receive Fair and Adequate Compensation;
Health Insurance Reform to Allow Insurance Providers to Provide Insurance across State Lines; and,Block Grants for States to Ensure those with Pre-Existing Conditions Can Afford Coverage.

The 2nd Republican Alternative Health Care Reform Bill is HR 3400, The Empowering Patients First Act, written by Georgia Congressman Tom Price, Represents a New Beginning for America's Health Care System.
It is one that places Individuals Squarely in Charge of the Decision Making Process.S. 1099 = 248 Pages Long!
Another Great Republican Alternative with Tons of Support from Neurosurgeons and Patients Alike!
Refundable Tax Credit for Health Insurance Costs of Low-Income Individuals;Expansion of Access and Choice through Individual Membership Associations; and,Liability Protections for Health Center Practitioners and Health Center Volunteer Practitioners.

The 3rd Republican Health Care Reform Bill is The Patients’ Choice Act of 2009 by U.S. Senators Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK) and Richard Burr (R-NC) and U.S. Representatives Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Devin Nunes (R-CA) = 268 Pages Long!
Investing in Prevention;State-Based Health Care Exchanges;Supplemental Health Care Assistance for Low Income Families;Increasing Medicare Efficiency;Reducing Medicare Fraud and Abuse; and,Ending Lawsuit Abuse.

Those 3 Republican Sponsored Bills are Great Free Market Based Bills that Would Dramatically Improve America's Health Care System by Bringing Down Costs and Giving Patients More Choices/Options!!
This is another Great Blog that Highlighs These Three Republican Health Care Reform Bills!

There ARE FOUR Things I'd Like to See Our Government Try Before Handing Over Our Health Care Sytem Over to Them to Run the Whole Thing!!

1. An Enforced Border Woud Help Bring Costs Down A LOT by Slowing Down the Flooding of Illegal Aliens Who are Overwhelming Our Hospitals with Services that are NOT being Paid for NOW that Number in the Millions Which Drives up Costs for EVERYONE Else Who Lives Here Legally and Pays Their Taxes and Health Care Insurance!
This Can't be Ignored any Longer and HAS to be Factored into ANY Serious Honest True Health Care Reform Bill!

2. Tort Reform in ALL 50 States Would Help Bring Costs Down by Limiting How Much Slip and Fall Ambulance Chasing Trial Lawyers Can Sue Hospitals, Doctors and Nurses in MalPractice Lawsuits which is also Helping to Drive up Costs for EVERYONE Here Legally and Paying Their Taxes and Health Insurance Premiums!
They're Already Doing This in Texas and a Few Other States with SUCCESS!
This Needs to be Done ALL Accross America! It Would Do ALOT to Help Bring Health Care Costs Down NationWide!
Here's a Great Link to How Tort Reform IS Working in Texas and Those Results Could be Replicated NationWide!
Read this Article From This Link and Then Tell Me What You Think!

3. Deregulating the Insurance Companies and Allowing Consumers to be able to Shop Around in ANY State Would Introduce Healthy Competition among Insurance Companies and Help Bring Insurance Costs Down!
Americans Should be Allowed to Shop Around For Health Care Insurance From State to State Without All of the Current Red Tape!
Jim DeMint's Health Care Freedom Bill IS by Far The Best Plan I've Seen Or Heard Yet When it Comes to Reforming America's Health Care System!!

Here's a Link to a One Page Summary of Jim DeMint's Bill:

Here's a Link to a Letter From Americans For Tax Reform about Jim DeMint's Health Care Freedom Bill:

4. I Still Like the Idea of Individualized Health Care Saving Accounts with "Catastrophic Coverage" Would also be a Better Way of Helping to Bring Health Care Costs Down..I'd Like to See these Kinds of Things FIRST!

If and When We Still Have High Health Care Costs After Trying ALL of These Kinds of FREE MARKET SOLUTIONS FIRST, Then MAYBE I Would Think about CONSIDERING More Government Control Over America's Healthcare System!! MAYBE! But I Doubt it!