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Monday, September 28, 2009

Don't Step on My Conservative Toes!

There's Are Conservatives Around Town Claiming that Conservatism is a" Product" to be "Sold" to the Masses like a "Product on tv".

I Fundamentally Disagree with this Assement and Comparison.
Conservatism is NO "Pitch" or "Hustle" or a "Product" to be Sold.

The Reason Conservatism is NOT a "Product" to be "Sold" is Because Conservatism is Based on Principled Philosophy Individuals Choose to Live their Personal Life by.

It's NOT a Game or Ploy Something Someone Buys from an Infomercial.

That is just a Ridiculous Comparison. It Cheapens what Conservatism is.

Conservatism is Much BIGGER Than that. It's a Way of Life.

An Individual's Choice of How They Live Their Life is Deeply Personal Made with Strong Convictions. Not to be Taken Lightly or Compared to Infomercials or Fast Food Products. It Takes People Years of Study and Self Education to Subscribe to Conservatism or Liberalism.

It's Foolish to Think or Say Otherwise.

As Such, this is NO TIME to be Attacking or "BLOGGING" about other Active Conservatives Who Are Faced with Daily Opposition.

Conservatives have a Hard Enough Time Defending their Point of View to Liberals.
Conservatism is NO Hype!

It’s NOT a Product to be “Sold”

No Salesmanship is Needed or Required to Sell a Quality Principled Philosophy that Stands on the Shoulders of the founding Fathers Then Carried on through the Years by Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.

Now Conservative Talk Radio Show Hosts Like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck and Gordon G Liddy do Most of the Heavy Lifting but Conservatism hasn't Changed over ALL of these Many Years.

Nobody is reinventing Conservatism or should be.

Conservatism is Timeless and Classic.

It doesn’t need to be Tweaked or "Repackaged" to Anybody.

Conservatism sells itself.

The Truth and Facts convict a Person to Commit to One Political Philosophy or Another.

I Openly and Outright Reject this!

The Principles of Conservatism speaks for itself and Defends it’s own Philosophy.

If Self Described “independents” or So Called “Moderates” Supposedly still wants to argue with You & Call You Names or Labels, they’re Obviously NOT Interested in being Converted to a More Conservative Point of View.

They’re Out Looking for a Fight and an Easy Target to have a Fun Moment with at Your Expense. These Same People are what Mark Levin Calls “Drones” or “Lemmings” or “Kool-Aide Drinkers”. They’re NOT going to be Won Over by being Ignored or Laughed at as Some Have Suggested.

I’m in the Camp and Strongly Believe We Do Need to Defend Conservatism to Whoever Attacks it. I Believe Conservatism is Worth Defending. I’m NOT Talking about a Violent Defense or Ugly Political Debates but a Civil Discussion of How and Why You Believe in the Conservative Point of View.

That's a Discussion and Debate Always Worth Having in My Book! ALWAYS!

We as Conservatives Have NOTHING to Hide or be Ashamed of about Our Conservative Philosophy!

How Does Defending Your Conservative Point of View You Deeply and Passionately Believe in a Bad or Wrong Thing?

Conservatives Should NOT be "Eating their Own" or "Preaching" to other Conservatives about Approach, Tone or Tact but More Supportive ESPECIALLY When Conservatives are in the Minority Party Right Now and Fighting to Take Back the Republican Party that is Rightfully OURS!

This Internal Fighting and Bickering Needs to STOP!

It's NOT Helping Our Conservative Cause but IS Stunting the Growth of other New Conservatives Who See this and Will be Afraid to Stand up or Speak out against Personal Attacks due from lack of Support from Our Own People.

That's NOT Right!

Let Conservatives be Conservatives!

Let's Embrace Each Other and Support Each Other's Personal Battles Each of us Face Each Day. Not Attack, Call Out or try to Silence or Belittle those of us Who Have Already Stood up and Choose to Continue to Speak out Against Opposition.

These Conservative Brothers and Sisters Need ALL of the Loyalty and Support they can get these Days.
That's What I Think!
This is Where I Stand!

The Time for trying to Stand out and be a Superstar Conservative is NOT as Important as Defending Other Conservatives Who Face Daily Confrontations and Choose to Stand up, Speak Out and Defend their Conservative Point of View.

How about You?