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Friday, February 15, 2013

TheRightScoop: Krauthammer mocks Obama's universal preschool plan

TheRightScoop: NBC News cuts passenger off, won't allow bible verse to be quoted

marklevinshow: Well said at Rightscoop...


marklevinshow: Jeb Bush preparing to run for president...

TheRightScoop: Dear Republican Leadership, People don't want 'cool conservatism', they want the damn truth!

marklevinshow: Iowa governor to Rove: stay out

TheRightScoop: Rush explains why Obama gets a pass on the economy in the eyes of many Americans

RedState: Nancy Pelosi thinks a pay cut is below her 'dignity.'

TheRightScoop: NBC Sports SMEARS Tim Tebow and the megachurch he'll speak at in April

AmericanThinker: Video: #RussianMeteor Strike Caught on Tape (Compilation Video of the Event)

TheRightScoop: Herman Cain becomes a Fox News contributor

AmericanThinker: Meteor explodes over central Russia: 500 hurt

TheRightScoop: ZoNation masterfully exposes deceptions in Obama's SOTU Address

AmericanThinker: Be Afraid of Obama's Climate Change

TheRightScoop: Cornel West says Obama is a war criminal for drone program

RedState: Low-Skilled Workers and the Minimum Wage

TheRightScoop: Idiot Ron Paul supporters denounce Rand Paul for Hagel vote

AmericanThinker: Dems fear Ashley Judd is political Kryptonite in Kentucky Senate race

TheRightScoop: "Students of Color ONLY" - Black principal bans white children from after school tutoring program