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Sunday, August 10, 2014

I'm Closed-Minded but I'm RIGHT Most of the Time!

The Argument Goes..."There's No Reason to have a Discussion/Debate with You about Politics because You're Closed-Minded!"

Have You Heard These Kinds of Accusations Before?  I Have!
I Get these Kinds of Arguments from time to time!

I Have Closed My Mind on Most Important Issues that I Care about Deeply.
I have spent Over 30 Plus Years developing a Strong Stance on Important Issues.  
So I tend to Stand My Ground! So What?
On What Important Issue Should I Open My Mind to?
What Important Stand Should I Back Down on?
You Give Me a Few Important Issues Where I Should Open My Mind to and Back Down on.
Then We Can Have a Open, Honest Debate about those Issues!
I Work Hard and endlessly researching Important Issues that Make a Difference to Me, My Family and My Friends Around Me.
It's Important to Me to have an Intellegent Informed Answers to the Tough Issues in current affairs that effect everyone everyday.

I've Even Heard This: "You Can't Always be Right?"
Wanna Bet? :)
The Challenge is NOT for ME to Explain Why I'm Right or Wrong.
The Challenge is for YOU to Convince ME with Your Facts and Evidence to change MY Mind.
I Watch the News.
I Listen to Conservative Talk Radio Every Day.
I Listen to The Mark Levin Show Daily.
I Read the Articles Written about Current Affairs online.
I Read the Political Books Worth Reading. (Mark Levin's Men In Black, Liberty and Tyranny, Ameritopia, The Liberty Amendments, Glenn Beck Books, Laura Ingraham Books, Michelle Malkin Books, Ann Coulter Books, Brian Sussman's Books, D'souza's Books, David Limbaugh Books etc.)
I Have Done My Fact Checking. I Do My Research.
Have You?
That is My Challenge to Anyone Telling Me: "You Can't Always be Right!"
Show Me Where I'm Wrong!  We'll Discuss that!

Then I Still Hear This Argument on Occassion too: "You're Just Brain Washed by Fox News and All of those Conservative Talk Radio Shows You Always Listen to..You Don't Listen to ALL Sides of the Issues!"

Really? Let's Examine these Arguments One at a Time and See How They Hold Up!

#1 - My First Argument about being Closed-Minded Would be Fox News and Conservative Talk Radio are Fair and Balanced!
They are also Immensely Popular Right Now!
Far More Popular than ANY of the LameStreamMedia Source from the Like of ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN.
They're Ratings have Tanked in Recent Years due to their bias Reporting of the Current Affairs around the World and Here in America.
These Channels are Slanted so far to the Left and so Liberal that it is Beyond Obvious at this Point. At Least on Fox News they Bring on Liberal Democrats to Hear their Side of it ALL OF THE TIME!
Not just Sometimes or Here or There but Regularly on a Consistant Basis Fox News Continues to Present Both Sides of ANY Given Subject Matter.
Then Let You Decide as their Motto Suggests!
Conservative Talk Radio is NOT as Fair or Balanced but it's NOT Supposed to be and SHOULDN'T BE but it's What I Choose to Listen to and that is MY CHOICE to Listen to Whoever I Want to Listen to.
I'm Against ANY and ALL Efforts to Silence Talk Radio or Make it Regulated to be something it's NOT already by the FCC or FAIRNESS DOCTORINE!

I Take Stands on Issues after Hours of Research!

I Take My Stands on these Issues because I Feel Passionately about them!
These Issues Effect My Life and the Life of My Family and Friends.
It's Important to Me to Stand My Ground on Principles!
It's Important to Note that I do Fact Check and Research the Issues before taking a Stand on them!
There's Nothing Wrong with having a Closed Mind about Important Issues that Effect the Quality of Life of Me, My Family and My Friends.
Everyone Should be as Passionate and Steadfast in their Beliefs Like Me!
If You Don't Stand for Something then You'll for for Anything.

Oh! And My Argument From Above Still Stands for Anyone Who Wishes to Challenge Me on Any Given Issue or Topic that I'm Closed-Minded on!
Find Me a Issue that I Could and Shoud be Open-Minded on and I Will Tell You Exactly Why I Have Chosen to Close My Mind and Take My Stand on that Specific Issue!

The Important Issues I'm Closed-Minded About and Always Right on!

1. ProLife -
I Don't Believe a Woman has a Right to Terminate the Life of Her UnBorn Child.
I Believe Roe Vs. Wade Should be Overturned and go back to the Way it was Before that Supreme Court Case Overturned it in the first place.
ONLY GOD Should Ultimately Decide When Life ends.
I'd Prefer to have the States have the last say about Abortion in their state.
Then if You Don't Like the State Sponsoring Abortion, You can Move to another one that Outlaws it.  God Bless America.

2. Small Government/Limited Government -
Government Grows in Economic Downturns and in Economic Growth too.
The Problem with that Growth is it Hurts the Free Market by Intruding on Our Capitalist Free Market System.
Less Government = Better Prosperity for Everyone.  More Government = Less Liberty.
I'm Not Anti Government but I am Against Tyranny!  
I want Our Government to Operate in the background according to the Restrains put on it by the Founders in the Constitution.  
As long as the government is working as intended within the box it's supposed to work.   I don't have a problem with Government.

3. Personal Responsibility -
Everyone Needs to Start Looking at themselves in the Mirror and Quit Holding their Hands out for Our Government to Give us things.
Our Country has come a Long Way From What the Founding Fathers Ever Intended it to be!

4. Strong National Defense -
We Need to Maintain Our Military Elite Status in Today's World to Remain Safe From Other Cultures that Don't Believe or Think Like We Do.
Trust but Verify!
Walk Softly but with a BIG Stick!
America is Truly Unique and Special due to the Size & Strength of Our Military!
This also Extends and Includes Our Borders. They Need to be Sealed & Enforced.

5. Pro Traditional Marriage -
Marriage Should Only be Between a Man and a Woman PERIOD!
America Should NOT and Need NOT Redefine Marriage NOW or EVER!
It's Been Fine the Way it IS NOW!
If Something isn't Broke, It Doesn't NEED to be Fixed!

6.  Immigration/Amnesty -
Enforce the Border with a Double-Layer San Diego Style Border Fence.
The Double-Layer San Diego Style Border Fence Gives Our Border Patrol an Important Tool as an added extra deterrent to Help Reduce the Amount of illegals Flowing into Our Country.
Provide the Border Patrol with the Proper Staff and oversight to Enforce the Border it Needs to be Enforced.
You'd Think an Extremely Hot Dry Desert Would be Enough of a Deterent but IT'S NOT!
A Lot of illegals Still Risk Their Own Life and the Life of Their Family to Find Better Opportunities Here in America!
Come Here Legally the RIGHT Way and I Don't Have a Problem with You Being Here!
Break Our Law and Live Here illegally, I Have BIG Problems with that!
The illegals Impact is Felt on Our Hospitals, Schools and Local/State Law Enforcement.
It's Also a National Security Issue since We Don't always Know Exactly Who is Coming Accross Our Borders.
Most are Probably Decent People with an American Dream but IF they're Willing to Break Our Laws to Obtain it while Others ARE ALREADY CRIMINALS Who Prey on Our People and Our Society!
That is WRONG and Needs to be Addressed!
Enforce the laws already written.  Pass E-verify Nationwide.  Voter ID Laws Should be Enforced in Every State in America.

7. America Needs to Pass a Flat or Fair Tax!!
The Sooner the Better!
A Flat or Fair Tax Would Work Great For Everyone and Certainly IS More Fair than the Progressive Tax in place right now!
I Support a Flat or Fair Tax because The IRS Sucks, has gotten to complicated and Powerful, Targeted Conservatives at the Behest of Obama and Has Gotten Out of Control!
A Flat or Fair Tax Would shut Down the IRS and Americans Would NOT Miss them One Bit!

8. Global Warming -
It's a Hoax!!
It Does NOT Exist!
I'm NOT Alone in My Opposition to this Opinion Either.
There are Over 30,000 Respected Scientists/Experts and John Coleman Who Agree With Me!
Of Those 30,000 Scientists/Experts, 9,000 are Phds!
They're Standing up to the Junk Science of Al Gore and Michael Moore.
They Call it a Fraud!
I Agree!

If You DisAgree With Me on Any of the Above Views I Hold to, Fine!
God Bless America that We Still Live in a Free Country and Can Express Our Thoughts/Opinions Without Reprisals From the Government YET!

#2 Conservtive Talk Radio DOES NOT Need to be Fair or Balanced!

Conservative Talk Radio SHOULD NOT be Fair or Balanced!
It Doesn't Need to Be! Conservative Talk Radio Survives in a Very Tough Market. On the Radio!
A LOT of People Don't Listen to The Radio All that Much Anymore due to the Popularity of the Internet, TVs, iPods and Blackberrys.
Then Add to that How Popular and Easy it is to Use Sites Like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and almost Every Thing, Business or Person has a Webpage Somewhere with Info Easily Accessible to the Public at ANY Time.
Plus You Can't See or Read a Radio!
Our American Culture is Thriving on Obtaining Info Quickly and Passing it on to Others through Emails, Chatrooms, Messages, Links, Notes and Blogs.
The Only Reason to Listen to Someone or Something on the Radio is if You Really are Interested in Something or Someone Who uses the Radio to get their Point Accross.
That is the Void that Conservative Talk Radio Stepped into and Thrives so Successfully at!!
They've Cornered the Radio Market and Made it Popular Again with Personalities Like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Larry Elder, Michael Medved, Mark Simone and Michael Savage.
These are the People Who are Responsible for bringing Radio back from the Dead and Continue to Keep it Alive with TONS of Great Success IN SPITE of the Internet, TVs, iPods and Blackberrys.
The Great Thing about the Radio Airwaves is that Anyone Anywhere Can Have a Show at Anytime.
It's up to that Person to Make it Work and Become Successful though. Not an Easy thing to Maintain if People Don't Know Who You are or You Loose the People's Attention.
That's What Makes Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Larry Elder, Michael Medved, Mark Simone and Michael Savage SO GREAT because They've ALL have been on the Radio for Many Years NOW and Continue to Maintain their Audiences.
That Really Says Something!! People Like Who They Are and What they Have to Say!!
Pure and Simple!
The Government has NO RIGHT or Logical Reason to Regulate this Market. It Needs to Stay Exactly the Way it is!
There's Plenty of Other Radio Stations and Channels to Pick and Choose from.
You Don't Like Listening to Conservative Talk Radio, Change the Station to a Different Channel!
It's Really That Easy! Nobody is Making You Listen!
With MP3s, CDs and Plenty of Liberal Talk Radio Shows Out There, There Really is NO NEED to Censor or Change the Way Talk Radio is Today. Everyone Should be Happy with the Way it is NOW. Those Who Aren't Happy are the People Who Shouldn't be or Really Aren't Listening to Conservative Talk Radio in the First Place.

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