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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

marklevinshow: The Record

marklevinshow: Resistance to Rove tactics growing

TheRightScoop: "He has thrown away his career as a conservative" - Mark Levin rips Gov. Kasich over Obamacare

TheRightScoop: Mark Levin: Obama defies federal courts and federal law; states should defy Obama's unconstitutional actions

marklevinshow: What about legal immigration?

marklevinshow: Let me help you, Eric

AmericanThinker: Fox News Dumps Morris, Renews Rove

AmericanThinker: It's official: Post Office to stop delivering mail on Saturday

AmericanThinker: An illegal 'by any other name'

RedState: It's the Messaging, Stupid. It's the Stupid Messaging.

SenTedCruz: Proud to cosponsor SenRandPaul's Federal Reserve Transparency Act to AudittheFed:

TheRightScoop: Gowdy: My CONSERVATIVE constituents say if border secured, then maybe a path to citizenship for illegals

AllenWest: More evidence welfare nanny-state is growing: 8.8M on SSDI in Jan & 8.5M left labor force in POTUS first term. Coincidence?

RedState: Is Education Spending Intelligent?

TheRightScoop: BOOM! Bill Kristol defends Tea Party against Republican Establishment

RedState: Peeking Into the Legal Immigration Numbers

TheRightScoop: **PUKE ALERT** Chris Rock: Obama is like our "dad of the country" so we better listen to him on gun control

marklevinshow: Let the conservatives lead now, time for Rove, et al, to get off the stage...

RedState: New Obamacare Estimates: More Costly, Fewer Covered

AmericanThinker: Paying for Obamacare with death panels

marklevinshow: Oh how the GOP establishment perverts the "Buckley rule"