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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

IF a Library was Dedicated to Obama....

IF a Library was EVER Dedicated to Obama & His Presidency, What on Earth Would it Look Like? And What on Earth Would be inside of it? What Would it consist of? Obama hasn't Accomplished ANYTHING of Sustance. No Historic Value to talk about or put on a Pedastal. Seriously though. What would a Library Dedicated to Obama Possibly look like?

It would have to have a Bowling Alley in it since Obama Sucks SO BAD at Bowling, He Really Needs the Practice.

Then You'd also have to put in a Pitching Mound so Obama could Practice HARD at throwing a Baseball like a MAN instead of how he threw that first pitch at the baseball game in front of Millions of Viewers. How Pathetic!!

Let's Not Forget to put in a Basketball Court so Obama could actually look halfway decent shooting hoops. (That's about ALL that Obama is Decent at doing)

Don't Dare Forget to put in the Country Club Golf Course in a Very Secretive Place inside the Library Where NOBODY Could EVER be Caught Dead seeing Him tee up a Golf Ball.

You'd also have to include a Nice, Quiet and Secluded Smoking area where the President can continue His Habit while Preaching to others that its NOT Good for You and You Should NOT be Smoking.

There'd also have to be a Huge stage for ALL of Obama's Liberal Entertainers to fly in for Private Concerts for Him and His Family.

Not to Mention the Biggest Kitchen for the Top Chiefs/Cooks that would have to fly in also to prepare the BEST Food. Nothing but the Finest for this First Family!

What about a Huge Designer's Closet to Show off and Showcase ALL of Michelle's Designer Label Clothes that she Wore during her time in the White House. That's all the Press/Media seem to Care about and find Important. These clothes on display in the closet SHOULD also have to have the Price Tags showing just how Much Michelle was Willing to Slurge Every chance She got to get some of the Finest Clothes. You Only Live ONCE! Right?

Last but Not Least, there'd have to be an Organic Garden for the Obama family to Grow Healthy Foods. Not to eat but because it's the Right thing to do for the planet. Gotta be "GREEN". Meanwhile they're Stuffing their faces with the Greasiest Heaviest Foods they can get their hands on.

There could also be Various Photos and Pictures covering the walls of this Library and in Brightly Lighted Showcases of Obama & His Family signing UnConstitutional Bills and Mandates on the "Little People".

I can see it now but where would this Library be Built and called Home to? Chicago? Hawaii? DC?

How about Martha's Vinyard or in Europe somewhere where they've Vacationed like Spain?

I Know where IT WON'T be Located!

NO WHERE IN THE SOUNTHERN STATES BUT ESPECIALLY AZ where Obama is Still fighting SB1070 and ObamaCare Against the Will of the People in AZ.

I just Don't Know? If You have ANY Ideas....I'm ALL Ears but so is Obama! I''m Sick of thinking about this because it's making me Physically Sick. :P