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Sunday, July 12, 2009

ObamaCare aka HealthCare Reform or I Like to Call it "HealthCare Deform"

The American Health Care System is The Best Health Care System in the Whole Entire World.
It’s Not Perfect by any Means. It is Still the Best!

Here is a Link Proving My Point on My Opening Statement about America having the Best Health Care System in the Whole Entire World:
That IS an Article Referring to the 10 Surprising FACTS about American HealthCare!

Not to Mention the Fact that Government HealthCare is More Expensive than Private!

Canadians are Trying Their Best to Warn Us Against Health Care Reform!

Then Look at Canada’s Track Record of Their Health Care System they have there!

The Canadians are NOT Alone Either! Look at Great Britain’s Health Care System!

Now is My Point of View Coming Clearer into Focus For You? GOOD! =)

Now I’m going to tell You More Bad News about Health Care Reform and Why I AM SO Dead Set Against the Current Health Care Reform Bill Obama and the Democratic Majority is trying to Rush through Congress before August.

Social Security is going bankrupt. Medicare is going bankrupt. Medicaid is going bankrupt. These programs and others have accumulated More Than $50 Trillion in IOUs due and payable by the subsequent generations.
These programs were created in politics and will have to be addressed in politics. Only in this way can they be contained, limited and reformed.Fight ALL Efforts to National the Health-Care System. National Health Care is the Mother of ALL Entitlement Programs, for through it the Government Controls Not Only the Material Wealth of the Individual but his physical Well-Being. Remind the people that politicians and bureaucrats, about whom they are already cynical, will ultimately have the final say over their choice of doctors, hospitals, and treatments---meaning they system will be politicized and bureaucratized. Remind them that this human experiment has been tried and has failed in place like Britain and Canada, where patients have been subjected to arbitrary treatment decisions, long waiting periods for lifesaving surgeries, antiquated medical technologies, and denial of high-cost pharmaceuticals available elsewhere, and the inefficient rationing of health care generally.I Need to Remind You that Despite Past Utopian Promises, Government Rarely Delivers.

Obama and the Democratic Majority in the Congress Wants Control Over My HealthCare and I’m Supposed to Trust them with Making Crucial, Life-Threatening Decisions about My Health or the Health of My Family and Friends.
Not After what Obama and his Democratic Majority did to America to Help Land us in the Current Financial Crisis We’re NOW in! - Mark Levin Explains How the Economic Crisis Happened – Video on YOUTUBE about America’s Current Economic Crisis! – Another Great YOUTUBE Video Explaining the Economic Crisis America IS in!

America is Down and Hurting Right Now from their Leftist, Socialist, Green, Flat-Earth, No Growth Eco-Marxist Policies!
I Don’t Want this Same Group of Reckless, Moronic Representatives in DC to Make Personal, Crucial and Potentially Life-Threatening Decisions about My Health Care or that of My Family or Friends!
I’m NOT that Blind or Ignorant!
I Can’t Remember a Time or Place in American History when America was this Radical and Left-Leaning! It’s Frightening and Scary Times We Find Ourselves in Today.

I Do Want to Shed Some Light on the Issue of the 46.6 Million People that the Census Bureau Reported on in 2006 that every Liberal Democrat in favor of this HealthCare Reform keeps Repeating in Support for Needing this Bill NOW!
It’s a LIE! Totally NOT True!
Here is the Facts from that Same Census Bureau Report from 2006:

About 9.5 Million were NOT United States Citizens!
Another 17 Million Lived in Households with Incomes Exceeding $50,000 a Year and Could, Presumably, Purchase their Own Health Care Coverage!
Eighteen Million of the 46.6 Million of the “Uninsured” were Between the Ages of 18-24. Most of whom were in Good Health and Not Necessarily in Need of Health-Care Coverage or Chose Not to Purchase it!
Only 30% of the Nonelderly Population Who Became Uninsured in a given year remained uninsured for more than 12 Months!
Almost 50% Regained Their Health Coverage with 4 Months!
The 47 Million “Uninsured” Figure used by Pelosi and others is Widely Inaccurate!

So I Don’t Want to hear that America’s HealthCare System is Horrible and Needs to be Controlled by the Government!
That Would be the Absolute Worst Thing Americans Could Do to Themselves!
My Personal Opinion is that We Need Free-Market Solutions to the problems facing the Healthcare industry, and will vigorously oppose any efforts to "Nationalize Healthcare".
I Support Individual Health Savings Accounts, that includes "catastrophic insurance" for every American, so people can control their own healthcare choices.

I’m Sorry but I’m NEVER going to Feel Good or be Comfortable with Handing over My HealthCare to the Government. It Doesn’t Seem Reasonable or Logical.
The Control Needs to Stay in the Hands of the Consumers. We ARE the Private Sector! The Private Sector is the Engine that Runs the Free Market.
Allow the Free Market to come up with Competition among Insurance Companies and Watch the Costs Come Spiraling DOWN NOT UP!!

That is Where I Stand on HealthCare Reform! Where Do YOU Stand?
What Do You Think is the Answer to America’s Health Care System Problems?
Government? or The Private Sector/Free Market Working it Out? Leave Me a Comment! Speak Your Mind! =)