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Why I Blog

I Blog because I Love this Country!

I Blog because I Care about My Children's Future Growing up in America!

I Blog because I Believe that America is Exceptional, Special and Rare!

I Blog because I Value, Honor and Respect the Constitution and the Vision of America's Founding Fathers!

I Blog because I Believe in the Conservative Tea Party Movement and want to Help make an Impact!

I Blog because I Want to Help Educate and Inform as Many People as Possible as to what America is about and Conservatism!

I Blog because I Want a Limited Government and More Free Market Capitalist Solutions!

I Blog because I Value Freedom, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!

I Blog because I Believe in Our God Given UnAlieniable Rights Protected by Our Constitution!

I Blog because I'm Very Passionate and Determined to Fight back as Hard as Possible on Every Front in the Battle Between Liberty vs. Tyranny!

I Blog because I want to be Remembered in Life for being on the RIGHT Side of History and Considered a Devout Patriot to the End!
I Blog because I am a Conservative Who Believes that Conservatism is the ONLY Antidote to Tyranny and Should be Embraced by Every American!
I Blog because I Believe in the Same Goal President Ronald Wilson Reagan Believed in - To Elect into Public Office as Many Conservatives into the Republican Party as Possible!

I Blog because I DO Believe in the Reagan View that the Republican Party is the Natural Home of the Conservative!

I Blog because I Want to Share My Passion for the Land of the Free because of the Brave!