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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

'Waking Up And Smelling The Debt.' My latest:'

Monica Crowley: "Waking Up And Smelling The Debt." My latest:

: Confirmed: Republicans are Really Irritated With Republicans

Katie Pavlich: Confirmed: Republicans are Really Irritated With Republicans

Mark Levin: Bila Schooling the GOP

Mark Levin: Jedediah Bila schooling the GOP

Mark Levin: Kuznicki Schools the Cut-and-Run Crowd

Mark Levin: Kuznicki schools the cut-and-run crowd

Project Veritas: Journalists and Politicians Refuse to Posts Sign

TheRightScoop: Project Veritas: Journalists and politicians refuse to posts sign announcing it's a gun-free zone

Fiscal Cliff Deal Only Whetted the Dem Appetite for More Taxes.

Rep. Huelskamp: Fiscal Cliff deal only whetted the Dem appetite for more taxes. Read more:

For Only 2nd Time in History We Are Reading the Entire Constitution on the...

Rep. Huelskamp: For only 2nd time in history, we are reading the entire Constitution on the House floor. Watch on

Harry Reid Says Assault Weapons Ban is Doomed

AmericanThinker: Harry Reid says assault weapons ban is doomed

Mark Levin: Obama Addicted to Massive Deficit Spending

Mark Levin: Obama addicted to massive deficit spending