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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

@TheRightScoop: Donald Trump on Mark Levin: Karl Rove is one of the most overrated people in politics

TheRightScoop: Rand Paul: Obama said he cut the deficit by 2 trillion dollars? What planet does he live on?

marklevinshow: Obama destroying America one regulation at a time

marklevinshow: Coming up on today's show: Donald Trump at 6:30 & Senator Rubio at 8:30 pm EST

marklevinshow: Don't miss me on TV tonight! 9 PM eastern on Hannity, the FOX News Channel

AmericanThinker: Video: 'GOP Will Let Sequester Happen' says Club For Growth's Chris Chocola

SenTedCruz: Obama claims proposals won't increase debt by a single dime. I believe him. They'll increase debt by A LOT of dimes:

TheRightScoop: No, Marco Rubio isn't saying he wants Rove's new SuperPAC to fight Tea Party candidates

AmericanThinker: Obama blind to his own irony

AmericanThinker: Three conservative justices absent themselves from SOTU

TheRightScoop: New NRA Ad opposing gun control: "Ask Obama's Experts"

AmericanThinker: Which Chris do you honor?
TheRightScoop: Ted Cruz explains why minimum wage hike is bad for young people, minorities

RedState: Lower Healthcare Costs, a Higher Minimum Wage: Obama's Rosy America

TheRightScoop: The Buckley Rule Explained - According to Bill Buckley, not Karl Rove

TheRightScoop: The Statist of the Union Address

TheRightScoop: Food Stamp Rolls in America Now Surpass the Population of Spain

TheRightScoop: Students Told to Remove Patriotic Bandanas

AmericanThinker: The Great Man Speaks

marklevinshow: The Buckley Rule according to Buckley not Rove...
This is stunning, donors pay attention

marklevinshow: This is stunning, donors pay attention

AmericanThinker: Christian Science Monitor: Obama speech 'both bold and modest'

TheRightScoop: Van Jones: Marco Rubio is dangerous for Democrats

TheRightScoop: Ted Cruz: Obama is right. His vision won't add just one dime to the debt.